The Reason Why I Hate Mexicans

A little Mexican boy goes into the kitchen where his mom is baking. He puts his hand in the flour and wipes it all over his face.
“Mom, look, I’m a white boy.” His mom slaps him in the face and says, “Go show your father.”
He goes to his dad in the living room and says, “Look dad, I’m a white boy.” His dad slaps him hard in the face and says, “Go show your grandmother.”
The boy goes in his grandmother’s room and says, “Mira, abuelita, I’m a white boy.” His grandmother slaps him in the face and sends him back to his mother.
His mother says, “See. Did you learn anything from that?”
The boy replies, “I Sure did. I have only been white for five minutes and already I don’t like you damn Mexicans


290 Responses to “The Reason Why I Hate Mexicans”

  1. Glenn Disney Says:

    Mexico, mugged and still on the ground …

    We usually include wars and other historical factors when discussing Arab and Middle East problems. We have yet to hear the same foundational points on Mexico and illegal immigration. History’s continuum of cause and effect is always significant – except where Mexico is concerned. “Minutemen” and other super patriots organized particularly against Mexican illegal immigration, won’t allow history to taint their obsession with jingoism.

    Do many Americans even know the history between our two countries? At what point do we deem the consequences of war upon the defeated no longer valid? When did Mexico’s geopolitical and economic dominoes stop falling?

    The 1846 – 1848 U.S. Mexican War was perhaps our first imperial experiment. After trying to buy Mexican territory and being rejected, a convenient justification for war ensued. Mexico’s post-war tumultuous track record thereafter was a trial and error smorgasbord of emperors, monarchs, dictators and republics, the results of never having healed from its independence birth defects.

    Supporters for Texas’ annexation and the Mexican War had the commonality and reputations of being “expansionists” and pro slavery while those who opposed annexation and war were generally against slavery, expansionism, and favored “minding our own business.”

    Rep. Abraham Lincoln voted against the war questioning the events surrounding the supposed “in-bounds” attack on U.S. troops near a Texas’ disputed border area. Ultimately Lincoln considered the Mexican War unconstitutional and unnecessary.

    Even Ulysses S. Grant who fought in the Mexican War called it “the most unjust war ever undertaken by a stronger nation against a weaker one.”
    [Anglo-Saxon War Fever, HL Mencken 1880-1956]

    Mexican War contemporaries’ opinions aside, history overwhelming points to a U.S. – incited war of convenience to fulfill political and imperial objectives. We were one of several opportunistic nations who exploited a struggling Mexico following her climb to independence.

    American expansionism self-righteously marched in those days carrying the Christian flag in one hand and capitalistic secularism in the other;
    the essence of Manifest Destiny – a mindset cultivated largely by the press, driving early America’s quest for more land.

    In 1848, after defeating Mexico in the manipulated war, we handed her a few million dollars to pacify the land grab. “We take nothing by conquest, thank God”, the press proudly announced. [A People’s History Of the United States, Howard Zinn, NY: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.]

    Some would say that NAFTA solved Mexico’s problems. Yes, the corporately rich on both sides of the Rio Grande whose wallets fattened after the agreement adore NAFTA. The average Mexican just wants to get off the ground from the mugging passed down generation to generation.

  2. Common_Sense Says:

    Glenn Disney you’re an idiot.

    Like the typical illiterate Mexican attempting to converse in educated terms you seem to be missing the point:

    It doesn’t matter if Mexico would have won the US/Mexican war, nor does it matter if the US/Mexican War were to never transpire; the endeavoring fact remains that Mexico was/is a corrupt nation run by selfish, stupid, cowards supported by an equally same public.

    Understand that Mexicans proclaim southern states as unjustly annexed land so that they can proclaim a notion of returning “home” as a means to victimize thereby attempting to justify violations of US law.

    However, the world is not blind. In the eyes of world governments Mexicans have proven themselves and their culture to be an obtuse and lawless society.

    Never the less, for arguments sake let’s say that the US agrees to “return” these southern states with all monies obtained through nature resources from the point of annexation to present including interest and penalties. What do you suppose will happen?

    Will the Mexican government prosper and become an economic and political power? No, the Mexican government will launder the money into their corrupt higher political rich class.

    In effect, will the Mexican citizens revolt and overturn their government in a civil war. No, most Mexicans will only complains, others will run to the United States and proclaim a new reasoning for jobs and demand US citizenship.

    Until Mexicans rise up and overturn their government and organize the trash that is their culture; no sovereign nation will ever respect the Mexican government nor it’s people.

    Thus, if Mexicans want better lives, then they should begin by making a better life in Mexico. Hence, it’s time for Mexicans to stop complaining and proclaiming victimization, in the eyes of the world it’s time for some serious action: a sort of put up or shut up call for events.

    For instance instead of proclaiming your ill fated logic, and/or running your mouth, why don’t you obtain a government office and help revolutionize your corrupt government.

  3. Spazlish Says:

    Mexican joke(s):
    Q- What is Mexico’s overal best sport?
    Q-Why do Mexican’s jump so high?
    A-emit eht lla redrob eht poh yeht esuaceb
    Fact- If you haven’y figured it out the answers are backwards and my name is a cross inbetween a Spaz and Mexico’s main language Spanish



  5. una mexicana Says:

    Tooo much hate in hereee !!!!!!!!! it’s so sad people always generalize about mexicans being poor, uneducated, you name it,,,, well it’s not like that .. anyways I’m not even going to try to change the way you all think. even though you hate us, VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!

  6. you make me laugh Says:

    you all make me laugh…..i look at it this way…..if you dont no english go home…….if your here illegally go home……if your here to sit on your ass and collect welfare go home…….otherwise i have no problem with you here

  7. EsperanzaR Says:

    “if you dont no english go home”

    It’s “know”, not “no”, idiot. How about you go home to whatever country your ancestors came from?

  8. stupid beaners Says:

    MEXICANS ARE CRUSTY, YELLOW, HOODRAT,ASSES who need to all go back home!! fucking beaners!!! i hate u all!!!

  9. you make me laugh Says:

    Hey EsperanzaR ! i dont give a flyin fuck if i spelled it wrong……cuz i said if you dont no as in if you dont no how to speak it…i never said how to spelled it…..dumbass… you go home. Bitch.

  10. joobly Says:

    I don’t think it’s appropriate for Mexicans to speak spanish in public schools, around those who don’t speak it.Yeah sure ‘Learn it’ some people don’t plan on moving to mexico, or working somewhere; where you have to know spanish/be bilingual. It’s not fair to see these mexicans snickering at you and speaking spanish, and then if someone brings it up they call you a racist because they have no common sense. Instead of bitching over immigration laws, why don’t you just get your fucking papers legally. It’s not that hard, I promise.

  11. I hate Illegals Says:

    I agree Joobly, learn english i hate paying taxes on bi lingual ballots for mexicans who cant read. I have many mexican friends who are legal and they hate all the illegals who come over and then get free citizenship. Illegals, GTFO, we dont want you here, we have enough. The crowd our jails, use our hospitals, water.

  12. Sam_beaner Says:

    OKay first of all I’m proud to be mexican. At least I have some color in my skin. And second, why don’t you like us speaking spanish? your just afraid that we might be talking about you. This is why are world is so fucked up. Too many damn racist people. They say we take your jobs, and money. ARE YOU KIDDNG ME. Do you think your the ones who came here first? I don’t think so. Mexicans came here first & had mexico but then you guys wanted Ca so we ended up with only mexico. People who say I hate all Mexicans are ignnorant and dumb. Have you met every mexican in the world? no? then you have no right to judge. It’s just like me saying “oh I hate that one white guy so that must mean I hate all white people.” No, because I’m not that ignnorant. So When you guys want to grow up, and not let your mommy and daddy feed you this racist bullshit, then you can talk to me. Otherwise STFU and leave.

  13. EsperanzaR Says:

    You said “if you don’t know English”, knowing English requires proper spelling as well as speaking ability. Obviously you don’t “no” English all that well either.
    Next time you type something about “knowing a language”, make sure you fucking know the language yourself, you hypocrite. I bet you can’t even speak it right yourself, seeing as you can’t even spell simple words.

  14. bobo Says:

    GO BACK TO MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Polish-American Says:

    Illegals go home! No one wants you here taking legal citizens money back home to your huge family. Or small family. It’s terrible. If your here legally, then welcome. Get with the program if your denied citizenship, sorry your shit out of luck and we don’t want you here. My family came here legally and so should everyone else!

  16. John Smith Says:

    It seems that the Illegal Immigrants who are here Illegally have no respect for any of the laws set forth by the United States Government. However they want the same laws they have no respect for to protect and provide for them.They have no clue as to the cost of the freedom they Illegally enjoy.They protest in our streets saying they dont want to be treated like criminals but the truth is they are criminals. They dont have drivers license yet they drive Illegally. They dont have auto insurance so they are also breaking the law there too. They work but pay no taxes or social security so they are guilty of tax evasion the same crime which jailed Al Capone.They can’t speak english or if they can they dont want to or speak spanish around us knowing that most of us can’t understand them. AMERICANS WAKE UP! We are being invaded by an foreign entity! Take a stand report employers who hire Illegal Aliens. Report land lords who rent to them. Report car dealers that sell vehicles to unlicensed drivers. When WE ALL take a stand and fight our FREEDOM shall not perish. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing.

  17. spic hater numero uno Says:

    all fukn beaners are retarded. they ILLEGALY come here and try to make us change our ways and speak that retarded fukn spanish. the way i see it they all need to go back to mexico and get the hell out of my damn cou ntry

  18. charlie LOpez Says:

    god damn u motherfuching mexican u just sit in school think ur all ganster butur not fucking ganster fu ……… u matherfucking bitch ass hommos

  19. Norma Says:

    Us mexicans like you call us have build everything here, you fucken white trash mother fuckers are nothing but lazy asses that all you do is scratch your ass all day. We atleast try to suceed in life. And yes i am mexican and proud of it couse all of you white fuckers go tanning wanting to have skin color like ours you fucken ghost’s.

  20. Norma Says:

    Spic hater numero uno this is to you you ass hole! if you think our language is so stupid then why do you try and speak it you hater. Your just mad that us hispanics (thats the word for us) are bilingual and we get paid more than you! ha ha! you fucken suck! You know what the bad thing is? That you all hate us but you will never get rid of us couse we are all over the place! yeah so live with it! learn to like us or tough lucki! PINCHE PUTO! VETE MUCHO A LA VERGA!

  21. EL POLLO Says:

    There is so much racism in this site, I dont understand why people are so hateful against one race, if you had a bad expierience whith a “mexican”, that doesn’t mean you should hate them. Every mind is diffrent, nobody thinks the same, so dont stereotype. And too all “mexicans”, it is up to us to fix the sterotype that the media has created of us. Don’t drop out of school, the only way to abolish this unfair and unaccurate sterotype, is to fight it with knowledge and eduaction.

  22. EL POLLO Says:

    Ignorance is the main reason for racism, if your racist, dont let ignorance control your thoughts, learn to fight against your ignorance so you can become compassionate kind person.

  23. Rik Says:

    Caí por casualidad en este blog, y al ver los comentarios que todos y cada uno de ustedes ha realizado, no me queda duda de que son muy pocos los que realmente vale la pena considerar. No obstante, es una lástima que no puedan dejar de ser venales en su expresión para con sus interlocutores. ¿Acaso no pueden superar esa pobre concepción dual de la realidad? ¿Es que son tan ignorantes que no pueden dejar de ser racistas y entender que la nacionalidad nada tiene que ver con la capacidad de entendimiento intercultural? En realidad, la diferencia entre las personas se encuentra en nuestros esquemas mentales. Y por ello me decepciona ver que el mundo está lleno de ignorantes, y que somos pocos los que podemos superar las limitaciones contextuales definidas por referentes tan subjetivos y monolíticos como la condición étnica, el estatus legal, la educación cívica, el nivel social o el bagaje cultural dentro de cualquier país, incluyendo por supuesto a México y los Estados Unidos. Si al menos fueran menos ignorantes, ustedes se darían cuenta que un país no es más que una entelequia, una ficción subjetiva mediante la cual se organiza a la sociedad. Una nacionalidad no es determinante del éxito o el fracaso como país; en cambio, la mentalidad de sus habitantes sí… Ignorantes, pobres ignorantes aquellos que definen una diferencia a partir de aquello que no han comprendido cabalmente. Pobres ignorantes aquellos que creen tener en sus manos “la verdad”. Todos ustedes me dan lástima por ignorantes…

  24. Rik Says:

    By the way, I must aknowledge that “El Pollo” is fairly outside the “ignorants shortlist”. I was pleased to realize that he is, like me, against ignorance and its implications, namely, racism, hate, and any other kind of unproductive mentality. Kudos to “El Pollo”!

  25. david reel Says:

    If not for racism,these niggers and wetback mexicans wouldn`t have a United States of America to come to.Wake up!Why do mexicans leave mexico?Why do africans leave africa?Because their country`s are shitholes.What does that say about the people who live there?The USA was built by white people,the mud people will destroy it!If white people don`t wake up,there won`t be a USA in ten years.Think about it! Im David Reel.Louisville, Mississippi

  26. John Smith Says:

    I learned my lesson by not picking cotton so im roofing my house this weekend.

  27. danny diantonio Says:

    After reading some of these comments.i am sure alot
    of white america feels the same wet back pie face, ugly jaundice looking smelly little people are discusting. its simple,you hate us {white people}right but you love our money. get the hell out of here .trust us we dont need you, any of you. do you really think that our hotels wont get cleaned,or oue grass wont get cut,drive thurs {del taco} wont be open! please give us a break.they will pay what the market calls for.when your gone the hourly rate will go up for all the jobs. so see dont worrier about brown people are out! its easy, a. stop the welfare checks. b.cut off all free programs, power plus them free electricity in there section 8 housing.c.stop giving them car loans even though you the car salesman known there illegal and the bank is going to have to eat the loan,wait i mean we will have to eat the loan higher rates when we wont to buy a car.d. most inportant stop there employment.put employer in jail for hireing them. watch how fast these little ugly brown smelly people will run the other way to the border.

  28. Texan Says:

    The Mexicans at the Miss Universe Pagent showed their hatred toward Miss USA. America noticed. Don’t think we didn’t. We know what you think of us. We’re going to stop all immigration from Mexico. You will not be living off us anymore. We don’t care. Sue us.

  29. Tex Says:

    The Mexicans at the Miss Universe Pagent showed their hatred toward Miss USA. America noticed. Don’t think we didn’t. We know what you think of us. We’re going to stop all immigration from Mexico. You will not be living off us anymore. We don’t care. Sue us.

  30. The degreaser Says:

    Hey Norma says.. it really amused me when you said you and your shit lickin’ litlle kind built this country. imagine that.. you can come here and work for 78 cents a day instead of a tortillia chip! You fuckin’ mutherfuckers turned your country into a dried up litlle fucking dust bowl and you just can’t wait to fuck our country up the same! Next you exaust pipe little sucking leaches come up here for the American dream and totally decimate it. You breed like fucking rats to the point whre you can’t provide for your own and suck the tit off the welfare and taxpayers money that hte whit e people work hard for and expect to retire on. Next time you feel the need to have something jammed up your ass, instead of a dirty uncircumsized mexican dick why don’t you try a cold piece of pipe or popcycle. Because you lazy worthless stupid cocksuckers are nothing but a drain and a hinderence on our society! Tell all your fucking worthless piece of shit relatives to learn how to pass the test and pay the money to speak english or stay the fuck home!!! I have an idea.. you worthless little fucking dingleberries want to come over here and be fucking wetbacks, pick our fruit, clean our toilets, suck our dicks and act like a civilized part of this culture then pull your heads out of your ass’s, quit acting like the poor little me fuckheads and take some responsality with an education speach program and act or at least pretend like you want ot be part of this country. Until then you stupid lazy fucks can squat and piss and shit your kids out on a regular basis just like you’ve done in the piss poor rat hole germ infested discusting dirty little country where your from. If you don’t like what I have to say shove a roll of barb wire up your ass because you won’t know the difference since you people shit kids out like I drink beer. And I drink alot of beer!

  31. John Smith Says:

    thanks wetbacks youve restored my love for niggers

  32. iluvamerica Says:

    For all of you mexicans that are “attempting” to make an argument in regards to why your people should be in America, here are some things to think about. Do you ever take a look at your life, past the self proclaimed pride you use to cover the humiliation of being who you are? I know you do, it is a perfectly natural thing to evaluate ones worth in society. I challenge you to take a second and really think about your life and the way you live. Lets start with your job. What is it that you do? Are you an attorney, an investment banker, an accountant, a market anaylist, an engineer, a computer programmer, or a doctor. If you answered yes to any of these then congradulations, you are a very sucsessful person and many people would love to be where you are today. If not, we will try again. Are you a teacher, a police officer, a fireman, a soldier, a sales rep., a mechanic, a bank teller, a manager, a contractor, or maybe a secratary. If you answered yes, then job well done, you have become a productive member of society. If not we will try again. Are you a construction worker, a janitor, a sweatshop worker, a fast food resteraunt worker, a dishwasher, a cook, a lawn mower, a roofer, or maybe a “labor contracting consultant” also known as person that stands in a parking lot waiting to be picked up for work? 🙂 If you answered yes, then congradulations you are competing with most highschool freshmen for jobs and are really insignifigant due the fact that you could be replaced at the snap of a finger. These are the jobs that no body wants, the bottom of the chain of life so to speak.
    Now lets focus on some other things. Do you have kids? If so do they go to school? Do you pay taxes? Do you recieve any financial aid from the government? Do you have legal documentation to be here? Do you drive a vehical? If so, do you have a drivers permit or liability insurance? Do you have a high school diploma? College?
    Now lets see how much you really love this country. Have you served in the millitary or are you related to someone who has? Do you know the national anthem? Do you know anything about the history of America, excluding the alamo? Do your eyes water up when you think or hear about the heros of this country have achieved and sacraficed? Will you volenteer to go fight for our country? Will you respect the American flag and hold no other flag above it?
    Im guessing by now you have answered the way I thought you would answer. And if this is true then you do not deserve to be here nor do we want you here. You have achieved the status of THE DISEASE. You are at the bottom of the jar, basically the equivelent of a slave. You have no purpose here. If you went back to where you came from, at least you would be average. So please swallow your pride and go back to where you know you really belong.

  33. Go Home Says:

    Stop coming over here and birthing your damn anchor babies so you can claim citizenship. I’m sick of paying taxes to support your illegal asses. Yesterday, one of you fucking illegal wetbacks stole an SUV, went drinking, plowed across the median on the highway and took the life of a 54 year old man. He has yet to give his real name to police, as he has absolutely no identification on him whatsoever. Fucking mexican. Go the fuck home. I’m so sick of these goddamn illegal mexicans coming into my country, my state, my town, stinking up the place, roaming the aisles of the grocery stores like goddamn scavengers, cramming 20 filthy, stinky illegal immigrants into one bedroom apartments so they can save their under-the-table money to bring the rest of their goddamn family here to pollute the economy, letting their screaming, squalling, filthy snot nosed anchor babies run around Target and WalMart like they have every fucking right to be there. Get the fuck out of my country.

  34. The degreaser Says:

    To iluvamerica and Go Home… The degreaser says THANK YOU!!!!!

  35. Irk Says:

    Well, I’m still sorely disappointed on you bunch of ignorants. I bet neither of you has the minimum acquaintance for your own past, not to mention your future as part of something alleged to be bigger. I’m sorry for your ignorance since you will never restate your own mindsets towards a more constructive vision of the world. Haven’t you realized that patriotism and nationalism have been nothing else but the cause of war, racism, social insanity, and isolation in this already-damaged world? Aren’t you aware of the fiction you’re living in, prefabricated idiots? Ignorance is the seed of racism and all that is bound to it. When I READ YOU, I feel sorry for you, but glad to know I’m not a stupid ignorant who defends a stern, fake idea of himself just because someone (institutions, media, the president, mom and dad) tought him to do so. You’re nothing, bunch of racists, nothing but the same shit you’re trying to eradicate.

  36. The degreaser Says:

    Irk, do you know the meaning of the word eradicate? It’s a verb meaning to wipe out. We don’t want to wipe anyone out. We think everyone has the right to have a life a job, kids, grow old and retire…. in thier own fuckin’ country where they were born! Not here, not now, not ever! You call us ignorent and your disapointed because our types cause wars. We wouldn’t even be on this fuckin page except we have a backbone and stand up for what we believe in! It’s fucking mexicans like you who come up here and shit all over our country, over crowd our schools like a plugged toilet, clog up the social system like a plugged drain and then piss and moan when you don’t get your fuckin way. I hae alot more to say but I have to go to work now so that the US government can take a crap load of my hard earned money and give it to the fuckin down fall of the united states.. the freeloading stupid wetbacks! Next time you feel like making a reply do it right after you fuck yourself that way next time I come on here and I see Irk says… I’ll know why your here!

  37. haha im blcak Says:

    Intresting. Mexicans come to america to run away from something. Over populate then when something is said about them they get real offensive. For all you ass holes who compare mexicans to african americans, heads up. We are not the same. My people were forced from there huts somewhere in africa to come to this hell hole. Them fuckers come here because they want a “better life” but most not all, do worst here than there.

  38. im still black Says:

    iluvamerica do issue any fucking thing about slavery. Im not sure if your people where ever slaves, if the where post it. Let me know if im wrong. But my pwoplw where and its known, its history son. I am an Afican american man. I have a full time job that pays way more than minimum wage. But when i try to transfer to a certain department(which actually pays less) I cant 90% of the fuckin people are mexicans. I work in a trauma 1 hospital and i cant get a lower paying transfer because i dont speak spanish. And whom ever say the part about having babys for the great stay its true. I can delivery babys all night and not understand a word of my patient. I had a 47 year mexican trying to get pregnant just to stay great

  39. John Smith Says:

    you know the sad part is if the U.S. was “nuked” the only thing left would be cockroaches and mexican’ts and then they would try to overrun the cockroaches

  40. The degreaser Says:

    To i’mstillblack, I’d like to say welcome aboard but you’ve been here as long I have. My hats off to any everyone in this country that doesn’t speak spanish that chicken shit digusting language. A short time ago those in power put into law that english is the national language of this country but still the brown infestation (as usual will not adhere by the rules and regulations of this country they seem to make want to make up their own as they go. By the way after a nuclear explosion the mexicans will eat all the cockroaches.

  41. The degreaser Says:

    Any of you wetback cocksuckers before you decide to comment on this subject if you can read get yourself a dictionary and look up the word assimilate or assimilation. Once you fid that in the dictionary go ask one of your black or white friends to tell you the meaning of it.

  42. Mayra Says:

    Todos los estupidos k son mexicanos y se sientenchingones por k son “LEGALES” valen pa pura chingada son una mierda que no vale un cinco por que todos vinemos de donde mismo yo soy nacida aqui y no me siento mejor que nadie. Neta me dan lastima porque envez de apollar a la gente que quiere mejorar su vida selen con sus pendejadas pero en mi no son mas que unos pinches BOOTY KISSERS que le limpian los zapatos a este puto pais!!! Y ARRIBA LOS MEXICANOS LEGAL O ILLEGAL!!!

  43. Mayra Says:

    all you dumbasses can say all the bullshit you want about mexicans but i assure you that doesnt make us less PROUD of being who we are!!! You guys think you’re so smart but the tables are turning and please i really hope no one is comparing my BEAUTIFUL race with the black people EWWW dont do that we ARE TOO MUCH!!!

  44. Ric Says:

    Mayra, I’m sure that you’re a lovely person, and I would like to think that you’re not going to allow your minute emotions to cause you to make the unintelligible statement that Mexicans are somehow better than blacks! If you are, please tell me how? Factually, the USA was founded, developed, and continually maintained as a successful nation by everyone, regardless of your age, race, skin color, sex, sexual orientation, etc as long as you obey the established laws, and do your best do develop yourself, through education, hard work, positive human relations, thus allowing yourself to be a positive example for all, thus furthering the collaborative continual success of our nation! I believe most americans strive for a balance of life, liberty, and the persuance of happiness while working within the framework of the laws, statutes, and commandments that can, and will achieve, and sustain these goals! When we live in a nation that seems to be threatened by, and/or forced to support the ambitions of those that have illegal, or immoral agendas, then we are cast into the chaos and rebellion that we’re experiencing today!

  45. Ric Says:

    Mayra, I’m sure that you’re a lovely person, and I would like to think that you’re not going to allow your minute emotions to cause you to make the unintelligible statement that Mexicans are somehow better than blacks! If you are, please tell me how? Please understand that every race, and nationality has beautiful, and highly functional people! If you look around, lots of us even favor each other!LOL! Factually, the USA was founded, developed, and continually maintained as a successful nation by everyone, regardless of your age, race, skin color, sex, sexual orientation, etc as long as you obey the established laws, and do your best do develop yourself, through education, hard work, positive human relations, thus allowing yourself to be a positive example for all, thus furthering the collaborative continual success of our nation! I believe most americans strive for a balance of life, liberty, and the persuance of happiness while working within the framework of the laws, statutes, and commandments that can, and will achieve, and sustain these goals! When we live in a nation that seems to be threatened by, and/or forced to support the ambitions of those that have illegal, or immoral agendas, then we are cast into the chaos and rebellion that we’re experiencing today!

  46. John Smith Says:

    How is a Mexican like a cue ball? Answer: The harder you hit them the more english you get out of them!

  47. j Says:

    I only have one thing to say. For so long we call everyone who is not White, an illegal immigrant. Let’s remember who was here before blacks, mexicans, asians, and any other race or ethnicity you can think of. If there’s someone here who know’s who this, be truthful and let it be heard. God bless all. We are all children of God.

  48. cristine Says:

    you know what……….idoit, because you are an idiot do you know that, yes i know you do, your mom would teach you hahahahahah i am sorry but this make me lough like crazy, do you know that here in europe people hate, people think that you are just in this world, to enjoying us hahahahahhahahahahaha yes you do, your stupidnees, your fucky face……….. this is so funny when i watch in tv all those americans protesting againg something…..because you all maerica poor of you are always in troubles with the world hahahahahahahhaha nobody love ou all the world hate you……is because of that of the bad things happens in america because the world HATE YOU we don’t love u………….you should come here to europe and you will see how we kick oyur ass so fast because you are nothing, all that you have is all stole by others countries……….you don’t have anything……….ok let see what do you really good…..oh i see now smoke weed………….and clean our ass……THE WORLD HATE YOU………………hahahahahhahahaahha

  49. cristine Says:


  50. cristine Says:


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  54. hillary Says:

    Mexicans are fine as individuals. But I hate them as a culture en masse. Here in El Paso, all the Mexicans cross the border to come to give birth at the county hospitals so their kids get citizenship. Many of them have diabetes and weigh 200 pounds–a larger percentage than even white America. Do you know what they put into tamales? They travel in hordes, raid all the cheapest stuff at the stores, have enormous families without having the money to raise their kids (usually single parent families), many young women are pregnant as teenagers and you wonder why……I fail to live here one day without seeing a Mexican woman who thinks wearing the tightest and most revealing clothes she can find is the way to look good and attract the perfect man. I just don’t understand that mentality.

  55. John Says:

    Mexicans suck.

    Looking at population polls in the US, the longer a nationality has resided in the US, generally, the more well to do that nationality begins to do as they adapt to living in their new country.

    However, when looking at Mexicans, who have been here much longer than most (if not all) Asians, and other minority groups. But for the sake of argument, let’s just divide it by Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, and Asians.

    Whites have been here the longest they make the rules, and although unfair at times, if you were to put yourself in their shoes, it’s really difficult to be completely fair when so many people are complaining to the white man. It’s the white man’s burden. In any case, Italians, Pols, Dutch, Germans, etc., have all risen up to a place of middle class or better, usually based on how long their nationality has been in the US.

    Blacks have been here for a long time, longer than any of the other minority groups. This group however, is a bit of an exception to the rule. Many of them were forcibly brought here. The black man’s problem is he bitches for some kind of pay back for what the white man of centuries ago did to someone ancestor of his he never knew. Black people cannot govern themselves. Look at the state that Africa is in right now. Civil War and a corrupt government. They were better off when the British held them as a colony. Some blacks are able to get nigger-rich, that is where they get rich off by recording music, or some type of sport, but they cannot hold on to the wealth long after their career is over.

    Mexicans have the problem of their self-denial of inferiority. They cannot accept that their country is so bad (based on culture) they have to come here to earn a living. Granted, they cannot be held responsible for the corrupt government they have in place, and that is shown by the large margin between wealthy and poor, with almost no middle class. But, they can be held accountable for having too many kids than they can afford to support, their youths feeling like they have to band together into gangs of exclusively Mexican groups in order to protect themselves, and in general their poor attitudes towards money management. I have Mexican friends, but they all squander their money on the weekend. They work hard for that money, don’t mis-interpret this as hatred toward all these races, but they don’t know how to manage it. Every weekend, my friend “Juan” spends his money on a party type thing where they play mariachi music and drink alcohol all night. His friends are over, and his kids (2 and 5) are up until 2 to 5 am as well. This is not a healthy way to raise their kids, and his wife is pregnant with another on the way (while she continues to drink). He barely makes ends meet with 2 kids, why go for 3, and why have these parties every weekend? This could go on longer, but I’m afraid it’s starting to sound horribly racist (I’m on the belief that everyone is racist, just some admit it and some don’t; I am, but no more than your average Joe).

    Asians are shady people…from an American standpoint. Japanese will find loopholes, or pockets, or something written/or not written in the fine print and exploit it. Koreans are the same way, but they complain about things when it doesn’t go their way (comes from a history of being stepped on by Japan and China). Chinese adhere strictly to Confucian values, while having some good teachings, also stresses a circular flow of time, rather than a line (this would hold back progress for ages to come). Southeast Asians, Vietnamese in particular are the worst ones. I’m not too familiar with Vietnamese culture, but from the dealings I’ve had with them in the past, they seem to just straight lie, cheat, and steal. I’m blaming this on a cultural difference, rather than to say they’re bad people.

    We’re all in a melting pot here in America. We all have our cultural, religious, and racial differences that will always cause problems. It makes this country [USA] interesting. If you don’t like it, save some money, and leave. Personally, I like it for all the different foods I get to eat in this country, authentically made by people of that country. However, I too am feeling the pressures of a clash of civilizations, and considering relocating to England, Canada (though there’s a lot of Chinese there, I seem to be able to co-habit with Chinese better than Mexicans). I considered France, but culturally find them rude, also being one of the few countries where a black man can get respect caught my attention.

    All in all, it’s not so bad. You have to take it with a pinch of sugar. You could let it get to you, or you could just brush it off, and remember they’re always less than you (unless you live in a trailer or something).

    Hope some of you could catch the sarcasm, and not take any of this too personally, but also get some of the political truths.

  56. John Says:

    In reply to: samaniego and guzman


    Some people prefer tans, some people don’t, it’s a matter of preference, so it can’t be that we’re “jelous.”

    I’m not sure where you’re going with tight pants up to the chest, but I’d rather wear my pants on my waist than below my waist, showing my undies to everyone.

    “Lazy Whiteys” aren’t so lazy when you think about the per capita income of a white family to a Latin one. I suppose white people could be seen as lazy from a Mexican stand point, because we’re not always mowing lawns, with wet backs.

    As for jumping white people, well, that kind of fits a stereotype that Mexicans can’t fight in single combat. They always travel in groups. They always feel the “need” to jump a person, rather than settle their dispute in a civilized, talked out fashion, brush it off and forget about it, or just realize that neither person will see eye to eye, and walk away, or just get some aggression out in a one on one fist fight. It doesn’t really need to go any further.

    Say what we have to say about Mexicans and see what happens…bitches and gentlemen, this is the internet, it doesn’t do you any good to challenge someone in this manner over a keyboard and a computer monitor.

    What’s up with all these Mexican Internet-Gangsta’s? Recently, I’ve been introduced to “,” and seen Mexicans (sometimes Asians; but usually Mexicans) in some kind of self-purported image of themselves as a gangsta. They adorn their page with pictures of guns, or other types of images, and a scarf or bandanna covering their face like they’re a cowboy or something of that manner. In any case, I stand firm in my belief that it doesn’t do any good to try to, “look hard,” over the internet, it just makes you look stupid.

    My final jab to these individuals [samaniego and guzman] comes in the form of, “why do you want to look at a page titled, “The Reasons Why I Hate Mexicans.” Do you just want to get yourself angry, and waste your time? I can do so, I’m old, I’m retired. I look at various topics easily found through Google, today’s topic was racism. I’ve found the internet to be a place full of hate and harsh words, usually with unfounded proof (stereotypes by the way are proof, as stereo meaning two, and types; two types), and horrible spelling and grammar.

    I hope some of you enjoyed this old honky’s proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation (can’t seem to indent paragraphs), and God bless!

    0F c0uRsE i c0ULd aLwAyS tYpE LyKe DiS iF yOu pReFeRReD.

  57. John Says:

    In reply to: cristine


    I agree with you that most Americans do not speak a second “leguane.” I don’t even speak one “leguane.” But I do speak more than one language, and I’m sure my spelling and grammar in them are up at least a high school level. By typing your above comment, criticizing language, with the worst language and grammar imaginable, makes me feel a bit more sad for you, since you can, speak in “differents lenguage.” And you’re right, it is “awkwards,” and I’m sure deciphering your typed comment would make anyone feel like they “is” (since you said that, “you r so idiot,” the clause should be used in a reply to you). I feel proud of a country that I live in for giving amnesty to people who come here for a better opportunity in life. Thanks for this “lough.” It was thoroughly enjoyed.

  58. John Says:

    In reply to: Mayra

    “all you dumbasses can say all the bullshit you want about mexicans but i assure you that doesnt make us less PROUD of being who we are!!! You guys think you’re so smart but the tables are turning and please i really hope no one is comparing my BEAUTIFUL race with the black people EWWW dont do that we ARE TOO MUCH!!!”

    I agree, you, ARE TOO MUCH.


    Anyone else notice how many angry Mexicans are typing in all caps, as if it gets their statement across more clearly? Perhaps it’s like speaking really fast, like in Spanish, or yelling, like Mexican families do.

  59. John Says:

    In reply to: John Smith

    “you know the sad part is if the U.S. was “nuked” the only thing left would be cockroaches and mexican’ts and then they would try to overrun the cockroaches”

    Well, I suppose they could eat them…

    the cockroaches I mean.

  60. John Says:

    In reply to: Norma

    “Us mexicans like you call us have build everything here, you fucken white trash mother fuckers are nothing but lazy asses that all you do is scratch your ass all day. We atleast try to suceed in life. And yes i am mexican and proud of it couse all of you white fuckers go tanning wanting to have skin color like ours you fucken ghost’s.”

    Last I checked…the WHITE house, was built by a WHITE person.

    Even if I scratched my ass all day, I still make more money than my Mexican gardeners, while I’m on retirement pay. You can try to “suceed” in life, but it won’t do you any good while you’re sitting here on the internet, looking up why people hate you [Mexicans]. Rather than arguing over the internet, do something productive, get an education, fix your spelling and grammar, find a better job.

    You may fire back at me, thinking this is insulting to you, but honestly, I must ask, why are there so many Mexicans on this page? The only way one could have found it, is if they were looking for racism against Mexicans, or some other type of inquiry. Maybe their self-esteem is low, and by arguing over the internet, it makes them feel better. Speculation is pointless, but that’s my two cents (which is free over the internet!).

  61. John Says:

    The problem with a bi-lingual country:

    When one languages gets printed, other minority groups will want their languages printed. Foreign languages (languages other than English) are fine on non-official documents. A general command of the English language should be mandatory to stay here.

    Example comes from a Mexican man who bought a blender, but was unhappy with it because it had a guard over the blades, to prevent injury. Unable to read the instruction manual it came with, and having simple 1+1 mechanical skills, realized the guard was held in place by a simple Phillips screw. He removed the screw, and the guard, and later on occasion mangled his hand. He was able to sue and win a settlement with the blender company, under his ignorance, and this company is now forced to print their manuals in English and Spanish, on top of a small sum to this individual.

    So, for safety reasons, a general command of the English language should be mandatory to live here. In specialty hovels, such as China town, or whatever you call the Mexican district of your city, printing in foreign language is fine, in fact it should be expected.

    As with the blender example, you can imagine how much worse this could get with contracts; or legal agreements. Translation is never a perfect process, and if the two parties in a dispute have two versions, an English and a Spanish version, but it’s not 100% verbatim translated 100% properly, this would lead to a dispute not because one party is lying, but because the contract they signed varies slightly, or drastically, from the others understanding.

    Thanks for reading!

  62. cristine Says:

    to JHON.

  63. cristine Says:

    YOU SAID :I’m old, I’m retired ACT LIKE ONE THEN………

  64. anonomous Says:

    all you people stfu for a sec. stop ranting about i hate mexicans or i love mexicans, just put on some rascist jokes. thats what the link says. so no more damn ranting. shit i hate mexicans too but you hear me ranting. if you hate out jokes or something.

  65. anonomous Says:

    shit i hate mexicans too but you dont hear me ranting.

    put on more jokes. they funny

  66. Sergi Says:

    Why do Mexicans eat Re-fried beans?

    Because they can’t fry them right the first time!

  67. ice cream sundae Says:

    What will happen is that all all the racists will die off, and their racists ideas with them. This will happen. I assure you. Hispanics are the new America. Get used to it. No one race is better than another, but this is the New Times. White children will grow to tolerate and diversify, Mexican children will learn to understand and know, the tides are turning. This is a country of multi-culturalism. It always has, it always will be. Time will show how wrong all racists on both sides were, and all your children will look down in shame at your attitude and behavior. All the racists will die, because now every child grows up with at least one friend of a different ethnicity. Please stop the hate. And learn to live together. This is a country of immigrants. And God will judge those who oppress the foreigner. Live, and let live.

  68. John Smith Says:

    well i guess its unanimous we all hate each other. thats cool.mexicans dont like whites,whites dont like mexicans,blacks dont like whites,whites dont like blacks, blacks dont like mexicans,mexicans dont like blacks. jews dont like muslims,muslims dont like jews,christians dont like muslims,muslims dont like christians, and we wonder why the whole God Damn world is so fucked up? well atleast nuclear warfare will be quick and painless. well except for the mexicans they will be left behind to eat all the cockroaches.

  69. iluvamerica Says:

    Why cant one mexican can say one intelligent thing and give a legitimate reason as to why they dont suck at life.

  70. Louie Says:

    Listen, there are bad people in any race, BUT there are levels, and belive me, mexicans reach a high mediocre level. Ive been in their fucking ugly country for a few years and I cannot stand them.

  71. The degreaser Says:

    Hey all you fuckin people with your perfect tans the only reason you people have these tans is because you people have been bent over picking others peoples fruit and vegetables with your shirts off. You stupid fucks can’t speak or write the english language correctly. Your nothing but a hinderence on this society and we don’t want you here. If your so fucking proud of your culture then go back to where your most proud of play your fucking disgusting music, breed like little rats on crack push out your confused little cocksuckers like it’s a race to win the lottery and fuck up our country. The next one of you born with a tan stupid fuck ups who responds to this topic only does so because they have deep hidden wish to suck all white people cocks. So now I know that any of you fucking worthless lazy stupid claim to love this country but want to turn it into a dirty little shithole like where your hillbilly sister fucking inbreed parents pushed you out of could mean only one thing… you all want to suck white cock-so who ever agree’s with me please reply and state some joking little ass fume smelling rebuttal and then please leave your address so I can get to your house as soon as possible and shove my cock down your throat!

  72. people,please Says:

    I believe each person on this planet earth is entitled to a chance at succeeding. Although illegal immigrants enter this country illegally, a large majority of them are here for their families and making a better life for their spouse and/or children.
    Again, I can not speak for all when I say that. I am a white Florida native. Born in the south and proud to be southern. I am 26 years old and have four children. My husband and I own a stucco and plastering company and are very comfortable. Although their are times when the road gets a little bumpy.
    The point I am trying to make each person should not be judged as a whole. What is wrong with a man/ woman trying to provide a better life for their families? Also, have you seen how long it takes and how much it costs for a mexican to legally enter the U.S.? Perhaps, if they had this money to start with they wouldn’t need to come here.

    Make it a great day!!!!

  73. R.U. Shttinme Says:

    Um, doesn’t it cost the same if not more for others to enter the United States and apply for citizenship?

  74. R.U. Shttinme Says:

    Also, I would like to know if your comfort has come from illegal immigrants working for you and are you paying them a “Living wage” and not just minimum wage or less?

  75. R.U. Shttinme Says:

    What if we had the same ideas about murder, abortion or other crimes. What if we said “well she killed her unborn child so her life would be better”? A crime is a crime. Laws are written for purposes. Whether we agreee with them or not we have to abide by them or change them or we ourselves have become lawbreakers.Illegal is what it is ILLEGAL!

  76. arizona Says:

    to degreaser: could’nt agree more. reading your rants are like a breath of fresh air.[ something i’m not used to here]. keep em coming. thanks…

  77. I hate Mexicans Says:

    I hate all mexicans soo much I always see them hitting on white girls and it fucking pisses me off. Pretty soon there will be no more white people and everyone will be shitty brown skinned, brown eyed, black-haired spics. They fucking think they are so tough and “gangsta” but theyre a bunch of cock-sucking posers.

  78. I hate Mexicans Says:

    Oh yeah and I’m FUCKING TIRED of seeing spanish writing everywhere I go because you mexican fucks are too damn lazy to learn fucking english. WE HAVE TO PAY FUCKING TEACHERS TO TEACH YOU GODDAMN ENGLISH. That money comes from our hard earned paychecks, while you sit around and play your beaner music and eat all of our food.

  79. The degreaser Says:

    This is to Arizona says… THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE THUMBS UP. Rather then being a stupid redneck I base my comments on facts and as a truck driver in CA I deal with different Companies everyday and I see where this country is headed. Our government has shit on us because they make all the rules, have all the money and don’t give a squat about us because the only brown stupid fuckers that they deal with are either cleaning thier houses, pools or cutting thier lawns. They’re not subjected to dealing on a day to day, face to face or any other way like we are. Putting up with thier ignorence, illiterate fuck over this country any and every way they can, sponge off our society and then send most of thier money back to that cesspool so thier relatives can breed like rats and shit more of those infested little cockroaches back to our country so they in turn can do the same. As a white person, go sown to mexico or some other little shit country south of the border and see what happens to your ass. Let me tell you son your in a heap’a’shit. These fuckin illegals don’t know what the word illegal means. They’re under the impression that as soon as they cross the Rio Grande they’re on a magic carpet ride to fame and fortune at the expense of all the hard working white people that the government slices a boat load of taxes out of thier checks to pay for these fuckin little rats to have food stamps, rent, medical coverage and every other thing that we pay for so they can have it for free because they’re to fuckin stupid and lazy to get it on they’re own. For christ fuckin sake if i didn’t know any better I’d think our president was a peice of shit mexican but then again he married one so that pretty much sums it up.
    P.S. I’ve noticed that since the last few comments have been by white people, the brown horde have nothing to say. Go figure if the illiterate fucks can read english and have half a brain it must meen thier shit must have sucked up inside of them and they’re just plain assed confused.

  80. jim Says:

    leave you beaners!your idea of success is 12 urchins and a 57 chevy. i am boycotting mex food.i’m a great cook and i can make my own.not very complicated techniques or beaners would not bea able to do it. BTW who is fucking Ted Kennedy in the ass?he sure loves you guys. log on to numbers far we have defeated it. mexicans are the new disease. remember G.Gordy Liddys statement–Head Shots! all american redneck a proud of it.

  81. scott Says:

    hey look at the mescan population in cities and the crime rate shoot the fuckers on site as they cross the ditch

  82. scott Says:

    come to corpus christi texas and you will see how they have ruined a city

  83. scott Says:

    fucking mescans leave parking lots full of dirty diapers/then at night they shoot each other and sometines its not a family member/and it only takes a mescan bitch 3 months to have a bean/baby

  84. The degreaser Says:

    Hey all you American flag waving white people I got a questoin for ya ” why in thee hell would a fuckin mexican go to a site titled why I hate mexicans?” Am I the only one who thought of this? The fuckin little rat bastards come to our country crap out offspring like cockroachs fuck up our social services take ful advantage of our wellfare system and decemate our neighborhoods instead of learning our language and our ways a few of them found this site and try to defend thier ways. I wonder how they found the time to get on thier stolen computer and make a small runny shit attempt to argue with people that actually have brains. My point is that thier computer time is taking away from thier sworn duty to have thier squaw crap out as many little mindless fucks that they can. To these people shitting out little rats is like the race for the lottery and they’re all in it to win. As soon as they have decemated CA and turned it into the rotten little stinking shithole ( will pick your food all day for two tortilia chips and get on wellfare to support our rats) then they can throw both arms up over thier heads with enough force to lift thier feet two feet off the ground like the referee at a super bowl game with the rest of us white folks sitting on the side lines paying for the whole rotten mess so that they and our government win. So listen up white folk keep them jobs and keep paying those taxes so the brown infestation from the south can do thier little steam roller trick on us. The only good thing I can say is the mexican prostitutes take it in the ass and swallow for the same two tortillia chips.

  85. The Mexican Says:

    Thank you America; I love you…..

    1.) Thank you for letting my grandparents come into your country, and giving them the opportunity to work hard and make a better life for my parents.

    2.) Thank you for giving my parents a good education, and helping them raise me,my brother and sister the RIGHT way.

    3.) My Brother is now a doctor (pediatrician) at UCSD, my sister works for “The Boys and Girls Club”, and I continue to serve my country as a Network Engineer for the US Department of Defense.

    4.) America, you have blessed my family and I abundantly; and we thank you for that. I promise to work hard to raise my daughter to be a good, God loving/God fearing child of the Lord. I will teach her to love her country, and respect all men and women regardless of color, race, or

    Thank you America……..I love you.
    The Mexican

  86. R.U. Shttinme Says:

    awwww fuck it

  87. The degreaser Says:

    To the mexican.. God bless your grandparents, your parents, your brother and sister you and your children. This good old US of A can allways benefit from your type of family. My hats off to ya…. good luck and God Bless!

  88. The degreaser Says:

    To any of you new (or old) mexicans who want to make a statement on this site… let me say one thing & make it clear. I’m not predujuce, I hate everyone equally. I don’t care what color you are, your religious background or where you come from. BUT let me make one thing crystal clear, GOD put ALL of of us here on earth & he put all of of us iaren a different place with different languages. His ( OUR LORD ALLMIGHTY ) plan was ( & is) that we all stay apart & do our own thing. Think about it people! All the people in the world who all look different ( looks, color, language, ways of life, etc..etc..) should all be in their own country, doing their own thing. NOT IN OUR COUNTRY, TRYING TO CHANGE THINGS & FUCK OUR COUNTRY UP … LIKE THEIRS!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a solution, rather than bitch’n, I have come up with a final solution & here it is… Get ALL the worthless illegals, round ’em up….. cut their balls off, slit their throats, shove a rocket up their ass & SEND ‘EM TO THE FUCK’IN MOON!!! The reason for the castration is, by some miracle or some other means.. THEY DON’T CONTAMINATE THAT PLANET LIKE THEY DID THIS ONE!!!!!

  89. Lawn Mower Reviews Says:

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    Tips on choosing the right lawn mower …

  90. Mel Says:

    Lucky all serial killers are mexican.

  91. Mel Says:

    Federal Death Row Prisoners
    Black: 26
    White: 22
    Latino: 4
    Native American: 1

  92. Mel Says:

    Federal Execution 1927 – 2003
    37 executions

    29 were white

  93. Mel Says:

    Race of defendants executed total (state and federal)
    57 % WHITE
    34 % Black
    7 % Hispanic
    2% Other

  94. Mel Says:

    By the way, there is NO official language in the good old USA. Otherwise we would all be speaking Indian. So I guess everyone can speak whatever they would like.

  95. Mel Says:

    I know the first laborers and poor race in America were white. They were called indentured servants. They were unemployed poor white people from Engalnd. They signed themeselves to slavery to come to the Americas. I guess we all do things to better our lives.

  96. Mel Says:

    Blacks were brought into the Americas because the white slave would run away and they were hard to spot.

  97. Mel Says:

    First immigrants to USA were WHITE.

  98. Mel Says:

    Oh most mexicans are of european descent

  99. Mel Says:

    The Hispanic presence in the USA goes back to the 16th century, earlier than any other group after the native americans. Juan Ponce de Leon landed in Florida 1513. Almost 300 years before the Lewis and Clark expedition. 1540 Hernando de Soto explored USA. Francisco Vazquez de Coronado also in 1540 were in Arizona and traveled as far as Kansas. Other explorers Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon, Panfilo de Narvaez, Sebastian Vizcaino, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, Gaspar de Portola, Pedro Menedez de Aviles, Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Tristan de Luna y Arellano, Juan de Onte, all before the first Englis colinization attempt in 1585. St Agustine Florida first settlement 1565 Santa Fe, New Mexico BEFORE Jamestown Virgina founded 1607 and Plymouth Colony founded 1620.

  100. Mel Says:


  101. Mel Says:

    To I HATE MEXICANS. Is that why whites didn’t learn the indian language because they were too lazy to learn it? Or was it because you were listening to english music and eating all of the indian’s food?

  102. Mel Says:

    To degreaser regarding you thinking that mexicans want to suck your cock, will you be providing the magnifying glass?

  103. Mel Says:

    JOHN English is also foreign!!!!

  104. Mel Says:

    I luv america, I am hispanic. My brother served in the Navy in Vietnam. My nephew served in the Marines in Desert Storm, my other nephew served in the ARMY and did peacekeeping in Bosnia and Macedonia. You know nothing of what a true American is do you? Do you have a low IQ? You must have “THE DISEASE”

  105. Mel Says:

    John needs a history lesson. Whites were not the first immigrants!

  106. Mel Says:

    CORRECTION. I meant to say WHITES were the first illegals.

  107. Mel Says:

    Talking about gangs. How is the KKK these days? Are they still covering up their faces?

  108. Mel Says:

    Charles Manson rep of the whites.

  109. Mel Says:

    Yo puedo platicar y escribir en calquier lengua porque estoy en los Estados Unidos. I can say that because I have freedom of speech, the constitution says so!
    Gee you guys don’t know anything about the United States of America.

  110. Mel Says:

    FREE, and i am proud to be an American and also a hispanic. Mexican is a nationality not a race or a color. Keep up!

  111. Mel Says:

    You must be English, Swedish, Irish, Polish, German? Do you even know? Oops you are all of the above.

  112. Mel Says:

    Ted Bundy. Perfect white boy.

    Boy scouts of America
    Kidnapping Convicted 06-30-76 sentenced 15 years
    Murder Convicted 07-23-79 two counts 1st degree
    Escaped from Prison (twice 006-07-1977 & 12-30-1977
    FBI’s Ten Most Wanted

  113. Mel Says:

    Timothy McVeigh
    Executed / another proud white boy
    Oklahoma City Bomber
    Burger King
    Meth user

    Great Resume!

  114. I hate Wetbacks Says:

    Dirty Crusty, ghetto cars, , circus music and assholes. what do they all remind you of? MEXICANS!! Your women look like sluts, dress like sluts..well hey..they ARE sluts! They have like 50,000 kids! They wear so much bling because they are so damned ugly! They have to try to dress up the ugliness! GO HOME! We don’t NEED another lower class, welfare race here! Jesus, or is that Hayzoos! White America is trying to make it to retirement. We don’t need you here raising taxes so your snot nosed stinkin brats can go to our schools…and hold our kids back because the teachers have to spend all of their time teaching your little bastards english! another thing..until we kick your asses out, learn our culture..we don’t stare at other people like they have no clothes on. You assholes are so low class.

  115. A dose of reality Says:

    White America, it’s time to wake up. I am in my mid 50’s and I feel so sorry for people raising kids nowadays. IHW is right. Teachers are spending so much time getting the illegals up to par, because their bonuses are determined on how well the class does on tests. What does that say for White parents? Your kids are going to be left on their own. Do work with them at home if you don’t want them to fall behind. Also for the future I see that the only way to escape where the illegals live and having to put up with their shit is to advance our own skills. They say they come here to take the jobs we dont’ want, but that is not true. They ar working their way out of those jobs and into ones of influence, mainly as merchants..because they pool their money and start their own communities. They don’t help our economy..they start their own and it’s supported by our welfare dollars.

    I think until the invasion hits the upper class neighborhoods, and it will because they move like 10 families into one house, our government wont’ do anything..and by then, it will be too late. Where can an average white American who doesn’t want to live by these taco benders who park their cars in their yards… to? And don’t say Mexico..I wouldn’t live in that shit hole if it were the last place on earth. What about Canada..are they seeing a lot of white flight?

    One other thing. I’m sick of having diversity shoved down my throat. I prefer to be around white people and what is so wrong with that? Why is the racist tag always put on it? I prefer my own kind and if other races were honesti, so do they! Integration does not work for the most part. In high school in the 60’s, we had riots because they forced integration. When I went back to my class reunion, 35 years later, guess what….the blacks sat with the blacks..the whites with the whites. It’s how it’s meant to be! So why do some always try to force it and make it pollitically IC to prefer your own kind?

    What makes me maddest is that I voted for Bush..and our son of a bitch white president…is who has ruined us. it’s bad enough when someone else invades and overtakes you..but when one of your own hands you over…well,..he sucks big time.

    Build the damned border that money was allocated for! The people have spoken about what they want. Who is lining whose pocket? Why is the disregard for the American public so blatant by our government? Why is Ramos being beaten in jail for doing his job of keeping the drug-pushing trash out of this country? Why are the Minutemen treated like anything but the American patriots that they are? I just can’t believe what I’m seeing! I was taught that breaking the law was wrong..but my government says it’s ok sometimes! How do I decide when? Do I quit paying taxes? Do I take what I want from others? Yeah..let me..a white person try that. I want the country back that my dad fought for in WW 2 and my brother in Viet Nam. I want a government that listens to and governs for it’s people. Where have they gone? And what can we do to get it back? Anything?

  116. The degreaser Says:

    To MEL SAYS Let’s start off with the offical language. If you had your fact’s straight,you’d know there is an offical language in the USA- and that language is ENGLISH ( try reading up on current events before running your fuckin mouth off, you stupid dumb-fuck)!!! Then you go on to mention folks like Manson, the KKK, Bundy, Mcviegh & who else…. HEY GUESS WHAT FUCKFACE.. WE DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK WHAT YOU OR YOUR KIND THINK ABOUT ANY KIND OF WHITE PEOPLE!!!! Those folks were born here and each & every one ‘of em ( right or wrong ) have the right to speak their opinion . Why don’t you tell all of of us poor dumb white folk about how in your great country, everyone who tries to become president is the target for assisination. NO I, I thought not. You WORTHLESS PIECES OF SHIT JUST WANT TO CRY, MOAN, COMPLAIN & generally run your mouths off with NOTHING to say except a bunch of shit about OUR COUNTRY! Once again– OUR COUNTRY,, NOT YOURS!?!??!?! But OURS. You MINDLESS, WORTHLESS, LESS THAN NOTHING STUPID FUCKS want to claim your place here, BUT you have NOTHING to stand on! You rotten little rat fucks have NO say about what goes on in this country ( let alone your own ). So try reading this WHOLE SUBJECT from the top, think about it & then blow what little brains god gave you, right out your ass ( I’m sure a very small caliber gun would do it. Like a B.B. gun ). Man, you are one motherfuckin DUMBASS if I ever heard of in my life.

  117. The degreaser Says:

    Hey MEL SAYS , did you not read the subject to this thread? Are you such a GOD-DAMN, IDIOT- FUCK-UP WORTHLESS STUPID S.O.B to go to a subject called ” WHY i HATE MEXICANS” & give some lame-ass reply?? I HATE ALL MEXICANS ( & all mexicans are worthless FUCK-UPS)??? Are you really that fucked-up & no good rotten that you actually think you might make an all AMERICAN person feel sorry for you slimey, no good, I hate AMERICA, breed like rats, fuck- up our way of soceity, infest & take over cocksuckers that one of us MIGHT ACTUALLY CHANGE OUR MINDS?? Do ALL us good’ol boys a favor & GO FUCK YOURSELF( BUT PLEASE DON’T SHIT OUT ANY OF YOUR WORTHLESS COCKSUCKERS ON OUR SOIL, WE CAN’T AFFORD TO PAY FOR ANYMORE OF YOU WANNABE USA WELFARE LEECHS)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Mel Says:

    Uhh. I got someone mad. I am more american than you! I am not Mexican dummy. My birth certificate says I am white. However, I am hispanic. You are an idiot! Should we hate the caucasian woman that is on welfare and raises my taxes? I work everyday and pay taxes. Tell your caucasian women to stop using the welfare system because they are lazy. See how dumb that sounds? Lazy people are not Mexican, they are all races. If you say that people born in this country can do whatever, than that means ME!

  119. Mel Says:

    I think there are more caucasina women on porn video than any other race. Don’t you. I guess it is okay to be a slut in America if you are paid. Is that right?

  120. A dose of reality Says:

    Fuck you Mel. Your sluts are free..cause they know what they’re worth. There are many more Mexican sluts on and off video..cause the whole damned country is corrupt and their exports are all vices! And how the hell were you listed as white? If you’re white, my name is Jose Jimenez. You sure wouldn’t be listed as white nowadays. Places like the Bank of Amigo who caters to illegals..wants to be sure they are giving illegals every opportunity to make it here. They keep track. Fuck Bank of America/Amigo.

  121. Mel Says:

    ENGLISH is NOT the Official language. Look up our countries laws. Or go back to school.

    Last I heard IGNORANCE is not an official language either. Unfortunetly, I didn’t take that class in school.

  122. Mel Says:

    Nice to meet you Jose Jimenez.

  123. Mel Says:

    Also, did I mention, I LOVE AMERICA!!!!

  124. Mel Says:

    A dose of reality. I have family that also fought in WWII, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and in Iraq. So it looks like we all want the same thing. I am not sure why you are making it to be Mexican’s fault.

    WWII was largely conducted in Eastern Europe, your ancestors somewhere. I don’t think we have been to war with Mexico. Although we have seveal hispanics serving this country and dying for you to be able to feel the way you do and keep your freedom and pump gas in your car. You should love all ethnic backgrounds that are American, not dog them. If you think so highly of your country why don’t you werve your country instead of talking badly of those who do because hispanics are one of many that serve this country and have died for it! Not to mention Mexican nationals have also fought for this country.

  125. Mel Says:

    Only Americans can recieve public assistance. According to Department of Social Health Services, if you are not American you cannot recieve benefits.

  126. Mel Says:

  127. Mel Says:

  128. Mel Says:

    People on welfare
    Most of the interviewees were female (83%) and their ages ranged from 19 to 55 with a mean age of 33 years. A slight majority of respondents (56%) were White, non-Hispanic, 3 5.7% were black, 2. 1 % were 11ispanics, I respondent was Native American, 4.2 % reported “other” race (primarily mixed race) and 1% refused to answer this question.

  129. Mel Says:

    Most of the interviewees were female (83%) and their ages ranged from 19 to 55 with a mean age of 33 years. A slight majority of respondents (56%) were White, non-Hispanic, 3 5.7% were black, 2. 1 % were 11ispanics, I respondent was Native American, 4.2 % reported “other” race (primarily mixed race) and 1% refused to answer this question.

  130. Mel Says:

    A study based on 1994 Census data reveals that whites account for 48% of the welfare recipients in the US. Blacks are the second largest group at 27%, followed by Hispanics at 22%. The study yielded other findings dispelling misconceptions about welfare recipients

  131. Mel Says:

    You guys should get all your facts together before you make comments based on emotion. Go to the library and see for yourself who is taking advantage of American tax dollars. Not only hispanics, but all races are using the system.

    Even the illegals pay taxes. If they get a paycheck, then they are get witholdings from their income. I am sure they are not taking their gross income home, they also get a net. However, they must not be filing taxes for tax returns or to pay in. So the government must be keeping those funds. I am sure the government knows that there are unclaimed funds floating somewhere.

  132. A dose of reality Says:

    Mel, why do you hang out at a Mexican hate website pleading their case? We need a place we can go to vent and express ourselves without being told we’re polically IC like the government would like us to think. Fuck those that want the Mexicans embraced. What the statistics are is not even a point. Illegals are here matter their reason..they are all lawbreakers from day one who try to rationalize why they’re here. What part of they are ILLEGAL do you not understand? Go play with the little beaners somewhere else and leave us’re annoying. There is no argument. They are ILLEGAL. And furthermore..think us white folk would be embraced in Mexico, especially if by our sheer numbers we threatened to change their culture? What if we forced signs to be for our convenience in english as well as spanish as we’re forced to look at now? What if we forced Mexicans IN Mexico to speak english? yeah that’s what I thought…Americans can’t win either way…

    Now, do us a favor..and bug the hell off.

  133. The degreaser Says:

    > >Tomatoes and Cheap Labor
    > >
    > >
    > >CHEAP TOMATOES? This should make everyone think, be you Democrat,
    > >Republican
    > >or Independent
    > >
    > >From a California school teacher – – –
    > >
    > >”As you listen to the news about the student protests over illegal
    > >immigration, there are some things that you should be aware of:
    > >
    > >I am in charge of the English-as-a-second-language department at a
    > >southern California high school which is designated a Title 1 school,
    > >meaning that its students average lower socioleconomic and income
    > >
    > >Most of the schools you are hearing about, South Gate High, Bell
    > >Huntington Park, etc., where these students are protesting, are also
    > >1
    > >schools.
    > >
    > >Title 1 schools are on the free breakfast and free lunch program.
    > >say
    > >free breakfast, I’m not talking a glass of milk and roll — but a
    > >breakfast and cereal bar with fruits and juices that would make a
    > >proud.? The waste of this food is monumental, with trays and trays of
    > >being dumped in the trash uneaten. (OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK)
    > >
    > >I estimate that well over 50% of these student s are obese or at
    > >moderately overweight. About 75% or more DO have cell phones. The
    > >also provides day care centers for the unwed teenage pregnant girls
    > >as
    > >young as 13) so they can attend class without the inconvenience of
    > >to
    > >arrange for babysitters or having family watch their kids. (OUR TAX
    > >AT WORK)
    > >
    > >I was ordered to spend $700,000 on my department or risk losing
    > >the upcoming year even though there was little need for anything; my
    > >was already substantial..? I ended up buying new computers for the
    > >learning center, half of which, one month later, have been carved
    > >graffiti by the appreciative students who obviously feel humbled and
    > >grateful to have a free education in America. (OUR TAX DOLLARS AT
    > >
    > >I have had to intervene several times for young and substitute
    > >whose classes consist of many illegal immigrant students here in the
    > >country
    > >less then 3 months who raised so much hell with the female teachers,
    > >calling
    > >them “Putas” whores and throwing things that the teachers were in
    > >
    > >Free medical, free education, free food, day care etc., etc, etc. Is
    > >wonder they feel entitled to not only be in this country but to
    > >rights, privileges and entitlements?
    > >
    > >To those who want to point out how much these illegal immigrants
    > >to our society because they LIKE their gardener and housekeeper and
    > >like to pay less for tomatoes: spend some time in the real world of
    > >immigration and see the TRUE costs.
    > >
    > >Higher insurance, medical facilities closing, higher medical costs,
    > >crime, lower standards of education in our schools, overcrowding, new
    > >diseases etc., etc, etc. For me, I’ll pay more for tomatoes.
    > >
    > >We need to wake up. The guest worker program will be a disaster
    > >won’t have the guts to enforce it. Does anyone in their right mind
    > >think they will voluntarily leave and return?
    > >
    > >There are many hardworking Hispanic/American citizens that contribute
    > >our
    > >country and many that I consider my true friends. We should encourage
    > >accept those Hispanics who have done it the right and legal way.
    > >
    > >It does, however, have everything to do with culture: A third-world
    > >that does not value education, that accepts children getting pregnant
    > >dropping out of school by 15 and that refuses to assimilate, and an
    > >American
    > >culture that has become so weak and worried about “politically
    > >that we don’t have the will to do anything about it.
    > >
    > >
    > >If this makes your blood boil, as it did mine, forward this to
    > >know.
    > >
    > >CHEAP LABOR? Isn’t that what the whole immigration issue is about?
    > >
    > >Business doesn’t want to pay a decent wage.
    > >
    > >Consumers don’t want expensive produce.
    > >
    > >Government will tell you Americans don’t want the jobs.
    > >
    > >But the bottom line is cheap labor. The phrase “cheap labor” is a
    > >farce, and a lie. there is no such thing as “cheap labor.”
    > >
    > >Take, for example, an illegal alien with a wife and five children. He
    > >a job for $5.00 or $6.00/hour.? At that wage, with six dependents, he
    > >no income tax,? yet at the end of the year, if he files an Income Tax
    > >Return,? he gets an “earned income credit” of up to $3,200 free.
    > >
    > >He qualifies for Section 8 housing and subsidized rent.
    > >
    > >He qualifies for food stamps.
    > >
    > >He qualifies for free (no deductible, no co-pay) health care.
    > >
    > >His children get free breakfasts and lunches at school.
    > >
    > >He requires bilingual teachers and books.
    > >
    > >He qualifies for relief from high energy bills.
    > >
    > >If they are or become, aged, blind or disabled, they qualify for SSI.
    > >qualified for SSI they can qualify for Medicare.? All of this is at
    > >taxpayer’s expense.
    > >
    > >He doesn’t worry about car insurance, life insurance, or homeowners
    > >insurance.
    > >
    > >Taxpayers provide Spanish language signs, bulletins and printed
    > >
    > >He and his family receive the equivalent of $20.00 to $30.00/hour in
    > >benefits.
    > >
    > >Working Americans are lucky to have $5.00 or $6.00/hour left after
    > >their bills and his.
    > >
    > >The American taxpayers also pay for increased crime, graffiti and
    > >clean-up.
    > >
    > >Cheap labor?? YEAH RIGHT!?? Wake up people. THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS
    > >ONCE!’
    > >
    > >
    > >

  134. The degreaser Says:

    Hey mel & all the rest of your kind, please read the above message. My family has fought in WW1, WW2, Korea, Viet nam, etc. etc & each & every one of us is waiting to go to war w/mexiwhore. WE don’t GIVE A FUCK IF YOU OR ANYONE OF YOU RAT BASTARDS WERE BORN HERE! Why don’t you check your shit out & find out that ENGLISH IS THE NATIONAL LANGUAGE! Melvin,you are one mixed up, confused ,dumb fuckin hillbilly backwards mexican piece’s of shit ( like ALL YOUR KIND). You say you love AMERICA, but you spend most of your time on this site telling us white folk (MOST OF US ON THIS SITE THAT HAVE BEEN HERE LONG BEFORE THE BROWN INFESTATION HIT & STARTED TO FUCK THIS COUNTRY UP ) how we should accept your kind. Well I’m here to tell you- WERE NEVER GOING TO. Your fuck’ed up little public assintance statement was a joke. Your worthless kind live in MY NEIGHORHOOD & don’t work! They live off my MY ( & other hard working white folk’s) tax’s while fucking up our neighborhood. Please try to give me at least 1 half assed reason why you spend so much time on a subject called ” WHY I HATE MEXICANS”. Shouldn’t you be out breeding like a little rat on crack & trying to over popullate our great country w/your lame ass dumb-fuck, can’t read,write or even give a shit about learning OUR LANGUAGE instead of making a fuckin cull little piece of shit out of yourself ( like you do EACH & EVERYTIME YOU MAKE A STATEMENT ON THIS SITE)! BOY, we don’t care where you were you were squated out at, WE DON’T WANT YOU OR YOUR KIND HERE, SO GO FUCK OFF & die………….. PLEASE.

  135. A dose of reality Says:

    degreaser, amazing piece you passed along a couple of posts ago. Our only problem as white Americans is that we are being sold out by both parties. We have no good choices on either side. All politicians are rich. They all have their own agenda which does not include the average American worker. Now what? They are going to get these low-class wetback people voting rights before it’s all watch..and you think your taxes are high now.. Also..i’m worried about SS making it until I retire in a few short years. Are the wetbacks getting on SS too?

    Those politicians who are pushing for all of you said..don’t have to deal with it in their neighborhoods and schools. Their kids don’t associate with beaners other than if the gardener brings his kid along to work or something. You can bet the beaners don’t have kids in the upper social class activities. Maybe we should raise taxes to send the beaner bastards to upper echelon private schools.

    My daughter is a teacher in Arizona. The schools know the illegals bring in falsified birth certificates to get the kids into school. She said they spend so much time trying to teach the illegals english that the other kids are left on their own. She had a hispanic principal who treated the women teachers like shit..refusing to hear their opinions on anything. She left that school district. She said in Arizona, she expects to see the wetbacks everywhere..but it really disturbs her when she comes back home to the midwest..and they are everywhere here.

    I have another daughter who is a teacher and took spanish in college. She teaches at a day care. When asked on her evaluation if she had any special talents that she cared to share with the school, she wrote that she took 4 years of spanish in college but refuses to use it in the USA with people who won’t learn our language. It doesn’t seem to have held her fact she just got a promotion.

    Hey Mel…if you only knew what the average white teacher thought of your little rat bastards….

    On a similar note, we have friends who actually are from Spain and they are appalled at what wetbacks do to Spanish. And they HATE being treated like they are the Mexicans. I’ve seen them say to wetbacks.. “I dont’ understand a word you’re saying and I’m not Mexican”. LMAO

    Back to the serious stuff. I had a neighbor who had his parked car hit by an illegal. If my daughter hadn’t heard it in the middle of the night, the fucking wetback might have never been caught. He usual. The cops told my neighbor..sorry about your car..but take comfort in the fact that we’ll ship him back to Mexico. Well…great..but he’ll be back in 3 weeks..and who’s paying for the car?

    My own community is embracing the wetbacks ( democratic mayor). We have until the last few years enjoyed a very low crime rate. Now it’s skyrocketing and the fucking mayor can’t figure out why. The average citizen knows a cause and effect with situations. Why can’t the politicians..or can they and they just don’t care? It doesnt take rocket science to figure that when you bring in a whole low class..things are going to change for the worse. I predict civil war.

    I’m just very frustrated and it feels like there’s nothing we can do.

    I’ll end this on a lighter note. You gotta add some humor into this pathetic situation or you’ll lose your sanity. In Mexico, I guess their shitters don’t flush toilet paper well so they throw it in the trash…man..can you imagine? So one of the chicken processors here in my state who recruits illegals, has had to put together a fucking video of how we put our toilet paper in the toilet here….lol Can you imagine fucking beaner shit toilet paper in the trash?

  136. The degreaser Says:

    To a DOSE OF REALITY…….. You are right & I agree 210%. WE are being sold out. Look at NAFTA, another BUSH piece of trash to cram down the tax payers throat’s. He wants us to welcome them here w/open arms (& wallets). He even MARRIED ONE! For FUCK’S SAKE- he couldn’t marry a WHITE WOMAN?? WHAT A FUCK’N PIECE OF WORTHLESS SHIT!! This countrys leaders better WAKE THE FUCK UP before its too late. I am a TEAMSTER & work for the largest trucking company in the world, YRC WORLDWIDE ( used to be YELLOW & ROADWAY, but they merged ). I deliver/pick up freight at ALL different kinds of business’s. Most the time I know where I’m going ( have been to most places many times) & believe it or not but I HAVE TO PLAN where I will be able to use a restroom for the plain simple reason you stated above. YES I AM VERY FRUSTRATED & feel helpless while the brown stain moves north. So we come here to air our grievance’s BUT NOOOOOOO, not only NO but FUCK NO!!! They can’t even leave us alone here. I mean WTF!?!?!? I don’t mean to sound redundant BUT I can’t figure out why they would come to a site titled THE REASON (S) I HATE MEXICANS. Their fucking up our neighborhood’s, overcrowding our stores, DMV’S, schools, highways & basically bringing down OUR (not their) way of life. The more of those illiterate, self centered, selfish, ignorant, lazy worthless bastards plug up this once great country of OURS keep filing in — WE ARE FUCKED. BTW… Why did beaners invent refried beans? Because they can’t get anything right the 1st time!

  137. The degreaser Says:

    I just finished reading this site & what started out as a joke ( website ) turned into a big argument BECAUSE some dumb beaner rat bastard JUST HAD to log in & & FUCK EVERYTHING UP … as usual. Go figure…….

  138. A dose of reality Says:

    Ok, need a joke? Go do this game! I got 59. I laughed my ass off! Have fun!

  139. Deport Them Says:

    Now they are trying to descriminate against us.

    Read article:

  140. The degreaser Says:

    DOSE OF REALITY, I laughed so hard my stomach HURT (my wife’s also)!!!! …. DEPORT THEM, that is very interesting reading, SAD but interesting. I was picking up freight at the HERSHEY’S plant in Oakdale CA today & that plant is closing down, moving to mexico. A boat-load of hard working, honest tax paying AMERICANS are going to be w/out job’s soon. The CEO’S and such NEED more $’s so their moving to the Brown Stain south of the USA. The 20 – 25 dollar an hour job’s are being sold the Stain. The Stain will do the same work for 2.50 an hour. TELL ALL YOUR FRIEND’S, DO NOT BUY ANYMORE HERSHEY PRODUCT’S. The folk’s I spoke w/today say the EXACT SAME THING!!!!!!!!!


    The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.

    Serioulsy, Why do we have to dumb everything down?

    I feel that many people are just posting for the sake of posting without doing any research, and they then show their intelligence by making baseless assumptions.

    With the exception of the first couple of postings (from earlier this year) I found most of the replies from both “Mexicans” and “Whites” to be very disturbing and lacking any substance. Mexicans are not better than Whites, and Whites are not better than Mexicans.

    It annoys the hell out of me when Mexicans pull their brown is better crap, and when whites think of themselves as superior and having a more evolved culture and democracy. America does have a more evolved and stronger democracy than Mexico, but Mexican culture is beautiful and well-respected worldwide. I’ve been there and the people are warm and friendly, their architecture, food, and art is absolutely amazing!

    One can view illegal immigration as detrimental to the United States because of the so-called “loss of jobs” (But who are we kidding?! They are not stealing any jobs! Who is anxiously awaiting an interview to work for the very competitive manual labor sector, agriculture, construction or fast food? No one that I can think of…. at least not ME. Oh my gosh!

    Yes, illegal immigration is not good or legal. I do believe anyone working in this country should be paying taxes, etc. However the so-called Mexican invasion is not drastically harming the US, like most of you believe or the media portrays it on the television. Mexican immigration to the United States has made many important contributions in education, the arts, medicine, and politics to this country (just like other immigrant groups).

    In order to understand why so many Mexicans are coming illegally to the United States we need to look at the root of the problem. Part of this influx lies in the corruption of current and past Mexican governments who have failed to address unemployment in their country, and the lack of accountability with their constituents. The Mexican government (not the people) are to blame for their current state of affairs.

    It is absolutely crucial to notice the asymmetrical power relations between the United States and Mexico, the United State has more power (thus with any relationship whoever holds the most power can make the weaker person or country do whatever they want… ie. in the real world this can happen in relationships and marriages, the same holds true between countries). Who are we kidding the United States takes advantage of Mexico and many other countries to this day, although not as blatant as in the past. To some degree colonialism still exists today, most poor countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa are poor due to internal corruption inherent in their respective systems and external pressures and strains from foreign countries who will do what it takes to maintain the status quo to benefit them (the rich countries) and keep the poor at the bottom.

  142. A Dose of Reality Says:

    Food For Thought: Thanks for getting us back to what this board was meant for…jokes. Your post is a good one! And you wouldn’t be a lib would you? What part of THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAWS OF OUR LAND BY EVEN BEING HERE!!! don’t you understand?

    First of all, illegal immigration is hurting our economy. We are paying for their kids to go to our schools and learn..crowding the bonafide American kids out. They swamp our emergency rooms and hospitals..and who do you think absorbs that cost.. the medical community? Think’s you and me! They cause crime that wouldn’t be here. I don’t see even a middle class of them running’s all low class. Laws are laws. They show what kind of people they are by disregarding ours. They are liars, cheats. Much of the world is oppressed. Are we supposed to let them all come here too? Sorry..we take care of ourselves first and if anything is left over..then we offer it..and legally. The sheer mass of illegals that is coming here in is threatening to change our culture as Americans as a whole. And I do not agree with you. They do affect things. They are not only going for the low jobs..they are opening their own businesses and starting their own communities. They are not assimilating other than moving to my neighborhood and runing the value of my house. They want us to learn THEIR language. The more of them that come here, they are making demands, turning our flag upside down..and thumbing their noses at the American citizens who dare to criticize them.

    One thing we do share with Mexico..our governments sold us out. Also..from what I hear, the Mexican government even puts out pamphlets on how to sneak in here..etc.

    I’m sick of the rest of the world thinking Americans need to bail them out. When our budget is balanced..maybe we can look at it. Think our financial advisors would encourage us to keep giving away our resources if we were belly up on our credit cards?

    I gotta tell ya. Bush has gone against everything I was taught was right as a child. He has me questioning my own value system. Maybe it’s ok if I cheat on my taxes or take what’s not mine? Maybe wherever I can get by with taking someone, I should. When they haul me to court, I can merely point out that I was looking for a better life.

  143. The degreaser Says:


    2006 (First Quarter) INS/FBI Statistical Report on Undocumented Immigrants


    95 % of Warrants in LOS ANGELES are for ILLEGAL ALIENS

    83 % of Warrants for MURDER in Phoenix Arizona are FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS

    86 % of Warrants for MURDER in Albuquerque New Mexico are for ILLEGAL ALIENS

    75 % of those on the most wanted list in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Albuquerque are ILLEGAL ALIENS

    24.9 % OF ALL INMATES in California detention centers are Mexican Nationals here ILLEGALLY

    40.1 % of all inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican Nationals here ILLEGALLY

    29 % (630,000) Convicted ILLEGAL ALIENS felons fill our state and federal prisons at the cost of $1.5

    Billion Annually

    53 % Plus of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Texas

    are perpetrated by ILLEGAL ALIENS

    50 % Plus of all gang members in Los Angeles are ILLEGAL ALIENS

    71 % Plus of all apprehended Cars stolen in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California were

    stolen by ILLEGAL ALIENS or “Transport Coyotes ”

    47 % of cited / stopped Drivers in California have NO License, NO Insurance, and NO Registration for the

    vehicle of that 47 %, over 92 % were ILLEGAL ALIENS

    63 % of cited / stopped Drivers in Arizona have NO License, NO Insurance, and NO Registration for the

    vehicle of that 63 %, over 97 % are ILLEGAL ALIENS

    66 % of cited / stopped Drivers in New Mexico have NO License, NO Insurance, and NO Registration for

    the vehicle Of that 66 %, over 98 % were ILLEGAL ALIENS


    380,000 Plus “ANCHOR BABIES” were born in the U.S. in 2005 to ILLEGAL ALIEN PARENTS, making 380,000 babies automatically U.S. Citizens 97.2% of all costs incurred from those births were paid for by American taxpayers.

    66 % OF all births in California are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal whose births were paid by taxpayers


    300,000 plus illegal aliens in Los Angeles Country are living in garages

    Nearly 60 % of all occupants of HUD properties in the United States are illegal aliens.


    14 out of 31 TV stations in L.C. are Spanish only16 out of 28 TV stations in Phoenix are Spanish only

    15 out of 24 TV stations in Albuquerque are Spanish only 21 radio stations in Los Angeles are Spanish only

    17 radio stations in Los Angeles are Spanish only 17 radio stations in Albuquerque are Spanish only


    34% plus of Arizona students in grades 1-12 are illegal aliens and 24% plus are non-English speaking

    39% plus of California students in grades 1-12 are illegal aliens and 42% plus are non-English speaking

    In Los Angeles County, 5.1 million people speak English – 3.9 million speak Spanish


    43 % of all Food Stamps issued are to illegal aliens

    41 % of all Unemployment Checks in the United States are to illegal aliens

    58 % of all Welfare payments in the United States are issued to illegal aliens

    Less than 2 % of illegal aliens are picking crops but 41 % are on welfare


    Over 70% of the U.S. annual population growth (and over 90% of CA, FL, and NY) results from immigration


    The estimated profit to U.S. corporations and businesses employing illegal aliens in 2005 was more than 2.36 trillion


    62 % of all “undocumented immigrants” in the U.S. are working for cash and not paying taxes, predominantly illegal aliens are working without a green card

    The cost of immigration to the American taxpayer in 1997 (last known calculation by Professor Donald Huddle, Rice University) was a NET (after subtracting taxes immigrants pay), $70 Billion per year. [What are the 2006 costs?]

    The lifetime fiscal impact (taxes paid minus services used) for the average illegal alien is $55,000 cost to the American taxpayer in a 5-year span. You personally pay $11,000 every year to illegal aliens.

    JOBS (per Center for Immigration Studies – September 2006): Between 2000 and 2005, 4.1 million immigrant workers arrived in the U.S., accounting for 86% of the net increase in the total number of employed persons (16 & older), the highest share ever recorded in the U.S. Of the 4.1 million, between 1.4 and 2.7 million are estimated to be illegal aliens. Also, between 2000 and 2005, the number of young (16 to 34) native-born men employed declined by 1.7 million – at the same time, the number of new male immigrant workers increased by 1.9 million. [Do you still believe the gov’t employment rate stats]

  144. The degreaser Says:

    Hey FOOD FOR THOUGHT… Try reading the last reply ( if you don’t have A.D.D.) & then shoot your fuckin mouth off. You gay liberal bastard’s are no better than the shit worm’s you try to defend. Try getting your fact’s straight before you pull your head out of your ass & go spouting off about stuff you know nothing of. Your kind reminds me of a jelly-fish that washed up on a beach, sat in the hot sun for 3 or more days & then some young kid playing on said beach ran along & stuck some sticks through it. SO FUCK OFF & DIE. People like you should borrow a friends gun ( since you wouldn’t own one yourself ) & go find an empty field & blow your little pea brain’s out!!…. oh yeah, have a nice day

  145. A Dose of Reality Says:

    Have I said yet this week that I hate illegals? If not, consider it said!

  146. The degreaser Says:

    The HERSHEY CHOCOLATE PLANT IN Oakdale CA is closing down. The suit’s at the top are not rich enough, so their shutting down & moving south of the US line. DON’T BUY ANY HERSHEY’S PRODUCT’S. The health standards are WAY below the US strandrd’s. Tell everyone you know, BOYCOTT ALL HERSHEY’S PRODUCT’S. The Hershey’s people ars GIVING OUR job’s to the brown stain.

  147. The degreaser Says:

    Is it just me, or did anyone else notice that after I started throwing fact’s out, the brown stain had no more come-back’s? Stupid, lazy, ignorant fuck’s can’t deal w/reality………. FUCK ‘EM

  148. The degreaser Says:

    Q. What do you get when you cross a mexican w/a go-cart? A. The same thing you get when you cross a mexican w/anything. A bowl of turd!

  149. Sendthemhome Says:

    Degreaser your Statistical Report shut them all up. Thank you.

  150. A Dose of Reality Says:

    Yeah Degreaser, Excellent post.

  151. Dawn Says:

    You know what if all mexicans worked and payed there taxes and were not comtitng crimes i would have no problem with them being here. But it is not fair that most mexicans i know sit on there ass all day and collect welfare, while i have to go work my ass off. I am sick of seeing them with 6 kids and pregnat again. They cant even afford to have kid and they pop out another one. Why? Oh yeah cuz the more they pop out those kids the more money they get. Now me i cant even have a child yet and my husband and i want to, we work both full time and still can not afford the health care for a baby. But mexicans can just get on medical, tell me if that fair?? Its not fair. The white get nothing anymore and i am tired of it. You are lazy people you mexicans, you wonder why we hate you! Watch the news at night every god damn crime is done by some mexican and i am tired of it. Wise up America and take your country back. Mexicans are racist pigs they alwasy wave around there flags like they are so proud to be mexican. Well if you are so proud go back to mexico okay!
    Mexicans have no respect at all.

  152. The degreaser Says:

    Want help keep our borders closed go here sign the petition!

  153. The degreaser Says:

    The latest telephone poll taken by the California Governor’s office asked whether people who live in California think illegal immigration is a serious problem:

    29% of respondents answered: “Yes, it is a serious problem.”

    71% of respondents answered: “No es un problema serioso.”

  154. The degreaser Says:

    Well, well, well… after the real facts come out the brain dead brown stain took off like roaches when the lights come on. Why is that? It can’t be because they know it’s the truth they’re too fucking stupid to know that! One thing is for certain it WILL BE A COLD DAY IN HELL before any of thier kind will ever one up me!

  155. FUCK U CRACKERS!!! Says:

    HAHAAHAHA…U guys make me laugh…wastin ur time..sayin all this stupid shit…got nothing better to do than make lame ass jokes..and talking shit about us…say all you want…U GUYS ARE JEALOUS…ok we are fine ass hell aight..white girls gettin a tan??? yea we dont need no fuckin tan….Keep talkin shit…a mexican can fuck u up anyday…and no we dont always stay with our groups we can beat your ass alone or with our boys…it just sucks for you more wen all of us fuck ur cracker asses up…like I said keep talkin shit lame ass crackers..trailer trash bitches…lazy mothafuckas…basically all i have to say is…i dont care if u guys talk shit…because WE AINT GOING NOWHERE!!!!! NOWHERE BITCHES!!!!! KEEP TALKIN SHIT!!!! U GONNA DEPORT US ALL???? I DONT THINK SO….WHO RUNS THIS COUNTRY NOW???? LATINOS……


  156. Squidoo Says:

    Lewis Smile

    Valuecall Utility Warehouse

  157. The degreaser Says:

    To fuckyoucrackers… here we go again another lame ass uncircumsized peice of brown shit! That has no control or understanding of the english vocabulary. Us crackerass’s cannot figure out why you uneducated stupid brown fuckings bowls of turd would come on a fucking website thats titled “why we hate brown bowls of turd” you fucked up, stupid, illiterate, uneducated brown cocksuckers go out of your way to make yourselves a nuscence and a hinderence on our society. Instead of getting along and going along you gang banging little queers ( like you said can’t do it youself so you gotta get your little bitches) plug up our way of life. Idiot pieces of shit like you search the web and find a place where you know your hated, (if you can read) have read that the rest of the brown stain has givin up, but noooooooo not you your too fucking stupid. You must have been an ass breach baby thats right you came out the wrong hole backwards so to all of us crackers we know that your fuckin brain is just shit.. nothing but a lowley lowley bowl of turd! How could you have not read and still had less than a fart noise to come on to this site and make farty noises. Boy you are one fucked up individual and you need to crawl back up in your mama’s ass backwards like you came out! And as far as you and yur boys.. you can go suck the smegma off each others uncircumsized dicks while I’m shoving you back up your mama’s ass with my cock!! It amazes me that litlle turd sniffers like you find a site like this and keep making those little small farty noises. Fuck you fuck your family and fuck everybody that looks like you cuz your a worthless little cocksucker that doesn’t deserve to breath the same air as any normal American! White women turn golden brown… IF they turned shit brown like you they would stay out the sun!! Once again if you could read back up a few notches and read what squaw bitches are doing to this country. I said it once and I’ll say it again if you or any of your kind reply to this all us white boys know that you and your puss bitch little friends just wanna come over here and suck our dicks! So with all of that being said go back and consult with your mama’s asshole and see what it tells you! ….oh yea by the way have a fucked up shitty little mexican beaner day!! 🙂

  158. A Dose of Reality Says:

    As I white woman I want to say that I’m sick of the fucking wetbacks looking me up and down like I have no clothes on. What makes you disgusting filthy pieces of shit think you’d have a chance with me? Didn’t your ho mamas teach you that it’s impolite to stare at women? At least white women. You can undress your own ho mamas all you want. Are you as clueless about normal manners as you are that toilet paper goes in the toilet? Next time I see you greaseballs stare at me, I’m sicking my German Shepard on you. See if you think it’s funny then you pieces of shit.

  159. The degreaser Says:

    Before any of you beaner pieces of shit decide to leave another message on this site, try this…. think about it real hard, sleep on it & the next day when you wake up, swing your feet out of bed, plant your feet firmly on the floor, grab your ears ( get a real good grip ) & yank like a S.O.B. so you get your head ALL THE WAY OUT OF YOUR ASS before you talk dumb-ass nonsence here. WE are SICK & TIRED of your lame-ass garbage!

  160. The degreaser Says:

    We were all spawned in a different country. Our ancestors came to this country for a better life. They learned the language and th customs of the US, they taught thier children the same. They worked hard and paid thier way. They would have been embarrassed to accept government aid or welfare (that is what a real proud race of people say). These were the people that always and lived within thier means. They made a better lives for themselves and did thier best to make a better life for thier children. They didn’t end up in gangs, over populating our prisons, suck off the government, get free housing, food stamps etc.etc.etc.. So the next time you fuck-sticks tell us how proud you are of your lame fucked-up race, get a clue………. We know your all a bunch of lazy, no-good, worthless bunch of scum rats.

  161. The degreaser Says:

    To all of my WHITE FRIEND’S out there. Start at the top of this site & read down. How many mexican’s had their say here & how many of those were positive? 1 or 2 out of how many? We (white folk’s) share our nasty thoughts w/each other ( & our facts ) but THEY still can not get it. THEY do NOT understand that EVERY time they spout off here, WE HATE ‘EM EVEN MORE. I would NEVER search for OR go to a site that was titled ” Why I hate good looking, intelligant Italian people”! And WHY WOULD I??? THEY fuck’ed their country up & now THEY want to do the exact same thing HERE. Everywhere I go & there is mexican’s involved, it’s ALWAYS the same thing ( SNAFU & FUBAR = situation naturally all fuck’ed up – fuck’ed up beyond repair ), so THEY can get over here the correct way or GET THE FUCK OUT. And while I’m at it… NO decent WHITE woman ( or man ) would ever have anything to do w/that piece of shit race! If you don’t like what I say here……… then give me some FACT’S & prove me wrong!

  162. A Dose of Reality Says:

    One thing I want to add to my post. My daughter when she was a freshman in high school came home one day and told me she wasn’t riding the bus anymore that she was tired of the wetback boys looking her up and down. They’re beyond disgusting. I know they get tired of their ho bag cheap trashy women, but leave the white women alone.

    While I’m at it, I’m going to boycott Nasonex allergy medicine. The fucking bee on the commercial speaks English with a mexican accent..WTF?

  163. A Dose of Reality Says:

    In talking with my daughter, the teacher in Arizona yesterday, she told me that she knows of mexican men who encourage their daughters to marry a white man because they know they won’t be beaten that way. It seems wetbacks don’t have equal partners..they have slaves with no voice at all..who dress like the wetback men want, act like they want..with no brains to break out of that mold forced on them. Well, I wish the wetbacks wouldn’t dirty our race because theirs has no class. They want our jobs and our race. Nasty leeches.

  164. The degreaser Says:

    Were Not Leaving. Thats what I keep reading. Only a disgusting, filthy, inbread, rat little breading country would fight to stay in a country WHERE THEIR NOT WANTED!! WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY? HOW ELSE CAN I PUT IT? What part of “WE HATE YOU & WE DON’T WANT YOU (44 & 2 CHROMOSOME) type fuckup’s in OUR country?? Why would you FUCKUP’S want to stay WHERE YOUR NOT WANTED? Are you all really that stupid & totally brain-dead to understand YOUR NOT WANTED HERE. I’ve never even heard of of a race so fuck’ed up & inept that they could’nt understand – ” WE HATE YOU, ALWAYS HAVE, ALWAYS WILL & DON’T WANT YOU FUCK’ED UP COCKSUCKERS HERE’

  165. The degreaser Says:

    I’m sorry, but after hearing they want to sing OUR

    National Anthem in Spanish … enough is Too much!

    NEVER did they sing it in Italian, Japanese, Polish, Irish-Celtic, German,

    Portuguese, Greek, French, or any other language because of immigra-

    tion. It was written by Francis Scott Key and should be sung word for

    word the way it was written. The news broadcasts gave a translation

    that’s NOT even close. Sorry if this offends anyone ..

    but this is my country.

    Let me make this perfectly clear!


    And, because I make this statement

    DOES NOT mean I’m against immigration!!!


    Welcome to come through like everyone else has.

    Get a sponsor!

    Get a place to lay your head!

    Get a job!

    Live by OUR rules!

    Pay YOUR taxes!







    When will AMERICAN’S STOP giving away THEIR RIGHTS???

    We’ve gone so far the other way … bent over backwards not to

    offend anyone. But it seems no one cares about the AMERICAN

    that’s being offended!

    WAKE UP America!!!

  166. Andy M Says:

    I fuckin hate all Mexicans straight out. They travel in fuckin packs, and just fuckin are kings of shit talking. I HATE THAT we have to press 1 for English when we make a service call. This is America!! I do not want them here!! Border jumpers are all the same. They do not respect our country, and do not respect the master RACE. White people built this nation…White people are this nation. Natural born US citizen SPISCICANS, is what I like to call them, are even worse!! I hate the fact they try to be like NIGGERS!! Whats up FOOL? You stupid dumbfucks!!! Leave are white women alone also!! Hey how many fuckin vatos does it take to change a lightbulb? The answer is 2 one spic to do it, and another spic to get a tattoo of it. Yall spics can go ahead and say, “What about the Indians, they were here first!” They were and we showed racial superiority. We over took what is ours!! 14 words you fuckin spics!! 14 words.

  167. A Dose of Reality Says:













    HARSH, YOU SAY?…………
    The above laws happen to be the Immigration Laws of:

  168. The degreaser Says:

    Hey Andy M, welcome & to DOSE- GREAT POST! Why can’t our leaders (?) use the same Immigration laws that Mex. does? Oh, thats right.. we might violate some lame civil rights. Imagine that…….. they can & do treat us like old dog droppings BUT if WE speak up, we are no good sons-a-bitchs ( IN OUR OWN COUNTRY)! Bush is going to fuck this country up so bad that we won’t be able to get it right when he’s long gone. And BTW, what ever happened to the brown stain leaving all those brain-dead worthless messages on this site!?!?!?! I guess the truth hurts. FUK’EM

  169. Protector Says:

    The bottom line for me is that I have to deal with calling the cops repeatively (4 times today) every weekend to try to get justice in my own neighborhood. It drives me insane, and I have to leave my own home. This is because the illegal Mexicans that rent apartments and live on my street, insist upon turning up the bass on their stereos so loud that it vibrates my house and disturbes the peace. I get to the point of wanting to load my gun and shoot them, point blank, between the eyes. I’ve asked nicely many times, for them to go ahead and play the music, just keep the bass down. But, since they always just turn it back up, and always oogle me, very disrespectfully, (now I’ve all but shaved my head, yes I know I am a beautiful creamy white woman, but how about a bit of decency?) I now scream out my door! (Like a crazy person, but I don’t want to get gang banged, OK?) I understand that they are trying to look hard (poor monkeys), but I don’t understand why they want to advertise that they have no libido. Recently I have learned that Mexicans hate blacks and I can only assume it is because of penis envy. I have also learned from police officers around the country, that they don’t like doing paperwork, especially if it is in vain. And when they pass out tickets to illegal immagrants, it accomplishes nothing. So, since I can’t ask them to be decent human beings, and I cant’ stop them without breaking the law myself, I have to endure my country not protecting me from lawlessness and suffer. I pay to suffer. I work for a landscaping company part-time, and the so called “Christian” owner, knows full well that many of the H2B workers don’t always show up for their annual appointment, but he hires them back anyway. I would report him, but there is no agency in our country to report him to. He actually pays them very well, I am the Bookkeeper, and it averages over $14 per hour. All of the lead guys and drivers make more than me and I am the Controller!Build the wall. Shoot the runners. I am sorry if this sounds harsh, I really don’t hate all Mexican people, but I am learning to. That is what my government wants, even though I know it’s really them that are doing this. The point that the Mexicans and the rich don’t get is that they aren’t assimilating into United Statesians. All USA citizens, whereever their ancestors came from, become like-minded. That is, except invators (sp?) like these illegals. I don’t care how much it costs, anyone who comes here to have their babies here can leave them here but must go back, and our government needs to protect our nationagainst invasion. There is civil unrest, as all poor schmoes like us see every day, in this nation of ours. The illegal Mexi’s in Greeley, Colorado make no apologies and don’t try to hide at all that they want to overthrow us. Cival war is looming on the horizon. So, all of you Hispanic Americans need to decide before this happens where your loyalties lie.

  170. A Dost Of Reality Says:

    Protector, excellent post except for a few things. Call the stinking, wortheless pieces of shit what they really are..Wetbacks, lower than pond scum. I dont’ blame you for telling them to turn their damn circus music down. They actually think that shit sounds good. LMAO. Also..hell no they can’t come here and leave their babies..don’t even come here! And we can’t do anything about them coming here because our government for some reason seems to want the Wetbacks here. THEY are all rich people and don’t have to mingle with the slime. Their wives don’t have to put up with rude remarks. Their families live in a different world, go to private schools..etc. Do you think the politicians’ kids go to school and HANG OUT with Wetbacks? HELL NO! Our government does NOT serve the people any more. You are right. We are headed to civil war. Better be prepared!

    The problem would be so very easy to solve..but our government doesn’t want to. We wouldn’t even need a fucking wall either. The thing is that our government doesn’t care. They know full well what they’re doing too. They are ahead of us three or four moves and everything has a plan. Every action you see a carefully orchestrated move to attain some goal years down the road. They may have no conscience..but they are smart. They, like the Wetbacks, have become more blatant. You don’t like what you see? Tough shit. They don’t feel the need to even hide it anymore. What has come of Americans voting down the illegal amnesty stuff? Surely the government realizes from that what the Americans prime concern is. While our attention is being diverted to Iraq, our country is being overrun by vermin. Think that’s a coincidence?

    I suppose we could all go to another country..Canada..wherever..but why? My relatives fought to keep this country free so I could enjoy life in the best country in the world..yes.>THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Seems we’re not supposed to say that anymore in the age of the internet and international communications. Well fuck the world there too. WE invented the internet! The world could NOT do without us! We fucking babysit and take care of everyone else.

  171. belinda Says:

  172. A Dost Of Reality Says:

    All of you patriots..go check out what this patriot did. He did what others think about, but are afraid to do. It’s time we quit being afraid. He’s a hero!!!! Take back out country!! Kick the pieces of shit back to their hellhole!

  173. The degreaser Says:

    Protector & Dose, GREAT POST’S. 1st off-97% of cops are friggen lame. Couldn’t play sports in highschool or get the Betty’s but when they get a gun & badge… WATCH THE FUCK OUT!! As far as the poor monkeys, their just flat-out fucking STUPID. I’m surprised they don’t masterbate in front of you as you walk down the sidewalk. Their not anywhere near being decent human beings. For christ sake’s, their less than filthy animals. You don’t sound harsh, your just fed up like the rest of us. If your not a citizen of this country then anything you shit out should also not be. And for a cival war – I’M ALL FOR IT-! FUCK ‘EM ALL!! I AM SO SICK & TIRED OF THIS LAME, FILTHY, DISGUSTING, STUPID, LAZY, BREED LIKE RAT’S ( I think their a-sexual: born pregnant)WANT SOMETHING FOR NOTHING & THINK THEIR OWED EVERYTHING BUT WILL DO ABSOLUTELT NOTHING TO GET IT TYPE OF BROWN NO GOOD MEXICAN STAIN that I wish I could bring HITLER back & convince him that the mex’s are the the real jews ( I SHIT YOU NOT). Yeah, I used to think I was wrong when I hated most all of the brown stain, BUT NOT ANYMORE! Their government is corrupt & their people are SHIT. You think I’m wrong, watch the news or read a local newspaper. To ANYONE out there who thinks I’m wrong or have too strong of an opinion FUCK YOU TOO!! BTW, I read something the other day that said: Hitler was right, White People Unite,,, something to think about…..

  174. A Dose Of Reality Says:

    Man, degreaser, have you gone to YouTube and seen all of the videos about wetbacks and their boldness? Have you seen the ten minute one of them putting a Mexican flag over a US Post Office and the cops hesitating for what seems like forever to do anything about it? Why is this not picked up by the media with the exception of Fox Network? Why is the gov and media hiding the brown stain invasion? What the hell is going on? I honestly cant’ figure out why they’re welcoming and protecting these law breakers. If you can figure out their reasoning, kindly fill me in! Is it the North America Alliance thing that Bush is trying to push? What is in it for him? I totally don’t understand because what I was taught was logic, I’m now being told by my government, is not logical..WTF? And are cops in on it or are they mere pawns? I havent’ figured that one out either.

    I wish we could exchange email addys degreaser, but I dont’ know how we could and not have the brown stain bugging us with their shit.

    anyway, besides what you said, the Klan looks more inviting all the time. My grandparents were members. Civil war is coming soon. So be prepared.

  175. el migre Says:

    mexicans are filthy ,diseased and commit incest with their family members. they are lower than rodents or insects and are assholes for being where they arent welcome.Did I mention they have no pride either?

  176. The degreaser Says:

    The Budweiser Story
    (not a joke)

    This is TRUE!
    How Budweiser handled those who laughed at those
    who died on the 11th of September,
    Thought you might like to know what happened
    in a little town north of Bakersfield , California ..
    After you finish reading this,
    please forward this story on to others
    so that our nation and people around the world
    will know about those who laughed
    when they found out about the tragic events
    in New York , Pennsylvania , and the Pentagon.
    On September 11th,
    A Budweiser employee was making a delivery
    to a convenience store in a California town
    named McFarland.
    He knew of the tragedy that had occurred
    in New York when he entered the business
    to find the two Arabs, who owned the business, whooping and hollering to
    show their approval
    and support of this treacherous attack.
    The Budweiser employee went to his truck,
    called his boss and told him
    of the very upsetting event!
    He didn’t feel he could be in that store with those
    horrible people. His boss asked him,
    “Do you think you could go in there long enough
    to pull every Budweiser product and item
    our beverage company sells there?
    We’ll never deliver to them again.”
    The employee walked in,
    proceeded to pull every single product his
    beverage company provided and left
    with an incredible grin on his face.
    He told them never to bother to call for
    a delivery again.
    Budweiser happens to be the beer of choice
    for that community.

    Just letting you know how Kern County
    handled this situation. And Now
    The Rest Of The Story:
    It seems that the Bud driver and the Pepsi man
    are neighbors. Bud called Pepsi and told him.
    Pepsi called his boss who told him to
    pull all Pepsi products as well!!!
    That would include Frito Lay, etc.
    Furthermore, word spread and
    all vendors followed suit! At last report,
    the store was closed indefinitely.
    Good old American
    Passive-Aggressive A$$ Whoopin!
    Pass this along, America needs to know
    that we’re all working together!
    If you can read this.
    Thank a teacher…
    If you are reading it in English….

  177. A Dose Of Reality Says:

    Thanks Degreaser! That makes me proud! My husband is a route salesman for Frito-Lay! 🙂

  178. A Dose Of Reality Says:

    Oh..and I personally think they should bring back the Frito Bandito. Seems the wetbacks complained of the stereotype years ago so he was pulled. I think he fit their persona of a thief pretty well! lol

  179. The degreaser Says:

    This lady made the argument pretty simple.
    NOT printed in the Orange County Paper……………….

    Newspapers simply won’t publish letters to the editor which they either deem politically incorrect (read below) or which does not agree with the philosophy they’re pushing on the public. This woman wrote a great letter to the editor that should have been published; but, with your help it will get published via cyberspace!

    New Immigrants
    From: “David LaBonte”

    My wife, Rosemary, wrote a wonderful letter to the editor of the OC Register which, of course, was not printed. So, I decided to “print” it myself by sending it out on the Internet. Pass it along if you feel so inclined.
    Dave LaBonte (signed)

    Written in response to a series of letters to the editor in the Orange County Register:

    Dear Editor:

    So many letter writers have based their arguments on how this land is made up of immigrants. Ernie Lujan for one, suggests we should tear down the Statue of Liberty because the people now in question aren’t being treated the same as those who passed through Ellis Island and other ports of entry.

    Maybe we should turn to our history books and point out to people like Mr. Lujan why today’s American is not willing to accept this new kind of immigrant any longer. Back in 1900 when there was a rush from all areas of Europe to come to the United States, people had to get off a ship and stand in a long line inNew York and be documented. Some would even get down on their hands and knees and kiss the ground. They made a pledge to uphold the laws and support their new country in good and bad times. They made learning English a primary rule in their new American households and some even changed their names to blend in with their new home.

    They had waved good bye to their birth place to give their children a new life and did everything in their power to help their children assimilate into one culture.

    Nothing was handed to them. No free lunches, no welfare, no labor laws to protect them. All they had were the skills and craftsmanship they had brought with them to trade for a future of prosperity. Most of their children came of age when World War II broke out. My father fought along side men whose parents had come straight over from Germany, Italy, France and Japan. None of these 1st generation Americans ever gave any thought about what country their parents had come from. They were Americans fighting Hitler, Mussolini and the Emperor of Japan. They were defending the Unite d States of America as one people. When we liberated France, no one in those villages were looking for the French-American or the German American or the Irish American. The people ofFrance saw only Americans. And we carried one flag that represented one country. Not one of those immigrant sons would have thought about picking up another country’s flag and waving it to represent who they were. It would have been a disgrace to their parents who had sacrificed so much to be here. These immigrants truly knew what it meant to be an American. They stirred the melting pot into one red, white and blue bowl.

    And here we are in 2007 with a new kind of immigrant who wants the same rights and privileges. Only they want to achieve it by playing with a different set of rules, one that includes the entitlement card and a guarantee of being faithful to their mother country. I’m sorry, that’s not what being an American is all about. I believe that the immigrants who landed on Ellis Island in the early 1900’s deserve better than that for all the toil, hard work and sacrifice in raising future generations to create a land that has become a beacon for those legally searching for a better life. I think they would be appalled that they are being used as an example by those waving foreign country flags.

    And for that suggestion about taking down the Statue of Liberty, it happens to mean a lot to the citizens who are voting on the immigration bill. I wouldn’t start talking about dismantling the United States just yet.
    (signed) Rosemary LaBonte

    P. S. Pass this on to everyone you know!!!

    I hope this letter gets read by millions of people all across the nation!!

    Ever onward!!


    This is Degreasers wife… mine and my husbands families came over here exactly how Rosemary Lebonte explained it. Our families have worked hard and faught hard for our freedom and now our freedom is being stolen from us. Hundreds of dollars are being taken from my husbands wages each week so the government can pay for these little thieves and they wonder why we don’t like them. Why don’t all you mexicans who are taking hand outs from my government that my husband works his butt off to pay into stand up and be proud of who you are and go back home and come back in this country the legal way like our families did! I dare you!!!

  180. The degreaser Says:

    The mayor of Phoenix was very worried about a plague of pigeons in Phoenix.
    He could not remove the pigeons from the city. All of Phoenix was full of
    pigeon poop, the people of Phoenix could not walk on the sidewalks, or drive
    on the roads. It was costing a fortune to keep the streets and sidewalks

    One day a man came to City Hall and off ered the Mayor a proposition. “I can
    rid your beautiful city of its plague of pigeons without cost to the city. But,
    you must promise not to ask me any questions. Or, you can pay me one
    million dollars to ask one question.”

    The mayor considered the offer briefly and accepted the free proposition.
    The next day the man climbed to the top of City Hall, opened his coat, and
    released a blue pigeon. The blue pigeon circled in the air and flew up into
    the bright blue Arizona sky. All the pigeons in Phoenix saw the blue pigeon
    and gathered up behind the blue pigeon. The Phoenix pigeons followed the
    blue pigeon as she flew southward out of the city.

    The next day the blue pigeon returned completely alone to the man atop
    City Hall.

    The Mayor was very impressed. He thought the man and the blue pigeon
    had performed a wonderful miraculous feat to rid Phoenix of the plague of
    pigeons. Even though the man with the pigeon had charged nothing, the
    mayor presented him with a check for 1 million dollars and told the man
    that, indeed, he did have a question to ask and even though they had
    agreed to no fee and the man had rid the city of pigeons, he decided to pay
    the 1 million just to get to ask ONE question. The man accepted the money
    and told the mayor to ask his question.

    Do you think he is going to ask where the pigeons went?

    Do you think he is going to asked where he got the blue pigeon?

    Noooooooo ! This will get a smile out of you!

    The mayor asked: “Do you have a blue Mexican?”

  181. The degreaser Says:

    Hello Dose, Yes I would like to exchange e-mails w/you. And BTW,, what ever happened to all the proud mexican fuck-ups who were shooting their mouth’s off here a few months ago??????????????

  182. ngonz Says:

    I am curious to know whether you are ranting specifically about illegals or mexicans in general…
    another thing…it is quite frustrating to see that many Mexicans do not value education, then again, there are many like me who are doing well in high school and are college-bound.
    I think most people should be proud of their ethnicity but not to the extent that many Mexicans say

    If mexicans were really proud of their ethnicity they/we would try to educate ourselves instead of selling ourselves out to this new popular culture full of rap, gangs, and other aspects of popular culture.( this goes to all you mexicans that say you are proud of your heritage)

    I am here to change the face of the average American of Mexican descent.
    BY doing so, i will compete with all races, the male sex, and other religions that are not my own.

    if you are so concerned with illegals breaking the law, why didn’t you become a politician to avoid the situation. In no way am i saying that I support illegal immigration, but it bothers the hell out of me when you compare mexicans with cockroaches.

    I agree human nature inevitably causes prejudices, but the worse comes when a person uses the words “all”, it is like saying that all white people are bums just because every ho-bo ive seen in the street “happens” to be white.

    As for me, I will carry on the beauty of my culture and will rid myself of the negative aspects of my culture.

    most of you are very angry, but its only going to hurt YOU!

    if you want something done, do it.
    If not, keep ranting!! …it’ll do you no good!

    I respect your opinions as human beings, but I don’t respect them on a logical level…this is my opinion ofcourse…you can disagree all you want

    THat is why this country is great!

  183. A Dose Of Reality Says:

    To ngonz,

    You don’t make clear IF you are a legal American citizen or not so to you I say this. If you are here illegally, GO HOME! If you are here legally, what are YOU doing to change racial relations. The mere mentioning of competing with white men..etc, shows you intend to try to conquer our country and that you yourself is a racist. As far as our is our anger that our legistatures listened to and defeated the amnesty bill. As far as politically, you will see soon enough what the white American has planned for the illegal invaders.

    If you think Mexico is so wonderful, why don’t you go back there and improve your own culture there? As far as comparing Mexicans to cockroaches..well, maybe leeches is a better term.

    Go ahead and tell me to go back to where I came from. I am of native American descent…I am home.

  184. Fuck you racist Says:

    Fuck all you white supremists. I hate racist. I don’t kno why they excist. fuck you redneck filthy hicks

  185. The degreaser Says:

    Hey Fuck you racist, FUCK YOU! If you don’t like what we say here, why don’t you find some little rainbow-take it in the ass & swallow site. Was your mother a nigger/mexican & your dad a goat? Whatever, punkass crybabys like you should NOT EVER come to this kind of site to piss & moan. Your no better than the brownstain that we come here to vent on. We don’t all have rich parents so we can’t be in congress & such. So just in case you didn’t understand me the 1st time I’ll type it slower, F-U-C-K Y-O-U & F-U-C-K O-F-F… and by the way, us hitler bastards don’t think you or mexicans/illegals are even human beings. So now if you can read & can understand go find yourself a little pillow-biting, pole smoking, thong wearing fag site & be happy. You remind me of helen keller ( she had two sets of lips sp she could piss & moan at the same time ). oh yeah, I almost forgot– have a nice day.

  186. The degreaser Says:

    ..and now to my friends (or foes) out there. CA gov A. Schwarzenigger has joined bush ( & H. clinton). lil cocksucker bush ( as J. Hoffa puts it ) is trying to fuck-up the USA as much as he can before he leaves office. This is true. These three rich upperclass preppies don’t have to live around, or deal w/ant of these rap,gang-related,cockroaches & leeches. Their certainly not paying for these unwanted fucks to live here on (OUR) taxpaid $. Last year, all the brownstain sent 3 billion dollars OUT OF OUR COUNTRY to their little puddles of runny shit countrys. Thats 3 BILLION. Now I don’t expect you simple minded anal vapors to understand what I AM saying but the rest of you do. Yeah I’m angry & pissed. But DON’T EVEN TRY TO 2ND GUESS ME. IT DOES NOT HURT ME ONE BIT. Maybe YOU mud-people should read this whole site & be sure to double read the FBI / INS report & then tell me how great the mexican culture is. Instead of running your fucking mouths off here & trying to tell US how awful we are, WHY DON’T YOU RUN OFF BACK TO ME-HE-CO & help those people help themselfs, because WE DON’T WANT TO. Can I make this any more simple? Sure I could, if you had 1/2 a brain.

  187. The degreaser Says:

    I saw on the news where within a year or so, in Los Angeles County alone that there will be more mexicans than human beings.

  188. A Dose Of Reality Says:

    Hey FYR, screw yourself and go back to MEHICO. Take your bastard kids with you.

    and degreaser..LMAO at your last post and crying at the same time. Civil war will come. Poor Davy Crockett.. he would be turning in his grave if he realized he died at the Alamo for our country, and Clinton and then dubleya gave it back to the slime.

  189. The degreaser Says:

    My wife’s niece (20 yaer old) went to the movies last week w/her friend. A no-good MEHICAN kicked the back of her chair, even after she asked him to stop. She moved, so the dirty little bastard started kicking her friends seat. After the show was over & they were walking to their car there was MORE PROBLEM’S w/other mehicans. NOW, she WILL NOT go out w/out her boyfriend because there were groups of these shit-smears all around the place. WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THIS?!??!! I keep reading how proud, productive, yada,yada,yada these people are.. but I NEVER SEE IT. I looked at the local newspaper today & some white a-hole (who married one) was spouting off about how good they are & blah,blah, blah. I for one don’t EVEN WANT TO HEAR from someone who can’t (for what ever reason) marry in his/or her’s own race. One more thing, to anyone else that would like to post on this site, before you do… get a dictionary & look up the word “RACIST”. A DOSE OF REALITY & MYSELF do not have a hatred for the brown-stain because their brown, we hate’em because their fucking up OUR country & OUR way of life. If we stand by & do nothing, these greasy, dirty, filthy, ignorant, lazy, breed like rats, want to get on welfare, want the american dream by sitting on their flat ass’s & do NOTHING- WILL turn OUR country into the exact same thing that THEY are running away from.

  190. A Dose Of Reality Says:

    Speaking of whites who marry wetbacks. Ever notice they are really losers who couldn’t get a white guy even if he was trash? That’s what I call desperate.

    As far as your niece, my first experience with the pieces of shit was when my youngest daughter rode the jr high bus. She came home one day and said that she was sick of the Mexican boys looking her up and down and was not going to ride the bus anymore. She also had a job in a restaurant when she was in college and endured harrassing…”mamasita” whatever the hell that means from the kitchen staff. Her boss..I gotta give him credit..told them that they speak english in that restaurant or leave. And he cut off the sexual harrassment from the slime.

    As for me, I am 55 years old and I still get looks. I’m not bad looking and an admiring glance is nice now and then…from white men. I hate it when the brown shit looks however. They look at you as if you have nothing they’d even have a chance. green card here pieces of shit!

    I watched the Dem debate last night and the way they are trying to promote their socialization of the shit is just beyond me. Their problem solving..Hillary’s wanting to have three driver’s licenses..politics is just in the toilet. Why aren’t ANY of the policiticans talking about shipping them back? Why is it they all want to close the borders (or so they say) and give the ones here amnesty? They are fucking breaking the law and burdening our system! Ship them back! What gets me is that it’s a whit pres that is selling us out. I could see if a dem got in..but a white republican pres? I’m still trying to figure that one out. I think Bush is nuts..and I hate to admit..I voted for the fool.

    As far as racists, I’ve decided that preferring to be with your own kind is not’s how people prefer things if they’re honest. Blacks for the most part don’t want the white world..and vice versa. I prefer to be with white people. And maybe the other races should ask themselves why we prefer it that way? Faulty thinking on our part?’s because of the experiences we’ve had with other races. They are so behind us in every way..socialization, name it.

  191. The degreaser Says:

    We need to replace the torch in the statue of libertys hand w/a ” NO VACENCY ” sign. I just found out that there is a new planet that is 42 light years away from earth. Scientist’s predict that the mexicans will fuck this planet up w/in 39 light years.

  192. The degreaser Says:

    So the mud race is costing 270 million to round up & ship back, not to mention the 300 million they send out of our country every year. I’d say we’d be WAY money ahead to GET THE FUCK RID OF ‘EM!!

  193. The degreaser Says:

    Hey DOSE, are you a STAR TREK fan? If so, do you remember the “Trouble with Tribbles”? Little furry balls that were born pregnant. Remind you of anyone…………..?

  194. A Dose Of Reality Says:

    Hey degreaser, No, not much into Star Trek, but your post makes me LOL

    And for some reason our government wants the pieces of shit here. Not one politician suggests sending them back for breaking the law. We are all supposed to turn our heads at the fact that they are here illegally? The two border agents sit in jail for doing their job of protecting our border. Who in their right mind would want to be on the border patrol? My ex-son-in-law was in the border patrol and quit. They won’t let them fucking do their job! My mind is still trying to figure out what letting the pieces of shit come for the politicians. As I’ve said before, I could see the dems trying it..but what are the repubs thinking?

    Look how screwed up California is. How long till the rest of our country is like that? God the brown stain are less than whites..there is no doubt. They are the maggots of the human race.

  195. A Dose Of Reality Says:

    Hey degreaser. Google wetback and you’ll see all of the usual stuff of how it’s derogatory and anyone uttering such an awful thing about our new residents is racist. And then you find this under Wikipedia. Our own government had “Operation Wetback” under Pres. Eisenhower. Go Ike! We need another one like him! Check it out. Why couldn’t this be done again? Because the wetbacks are gaining a political power and we have to do everything but what the white man wants? WE NEED ANOTHER OPERATION WETBACK!!!!!!!

    Operation Wetback was a 1954 project of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to remove about 1.2 million illegal immigrants from the southwestern United States, with a focus on Mexican nationals. In addition to the deportations, the term wetbacks became a slur referring to Mexicans in general.

    Burgeoning numbers of illegal immigrants prompted President Dwight D. Eisenhower to appoint his longtime friend, General Joseph Swing, as INS Commissioner. According to Attorney General Herbert Brownell Jr., Eisenhower had a sense of urgency about illegal immigration immediately upon taking office. In a letter to Sen. William Fulbright, Eisenhower quoted a report in The New York Times that said: “The rise in illegal border-crossing by Mexican ‘wetbacks’ to a current rate of more than 1,000,000 cases a year has been accompanied by a curious relaxation in ethical standards extending all the way from the farmer-exploiters of this contraband labor to the highest levels of the Federal Government.”

    Eisenhower became increasingly concerned that profits from illegal labor led to corruption. The operation was modeled after the deportation program that invited American citizens of Mexican ancestry to go back to Mexico during the Great Depression because of the bad economy north of the border. See Mexican Repatriation.

    The operation began in California and Arizona and coordinated 1,075 Border Patrol agents along with state and local police agencies to mount an aggressive crackdown, going as far as police sweeps of Mexican-American neighborhoods and random stops and ID checks of “Mexican-looking” people in a region with many Native Americans and native Hispanics.[2] In some cases, illegal immigrants were deported along with their American-born children, who were by law U.S. citizens. The agents used a wide brush in their criteria for interrogating potential aliens. They adopted the practice of stopping “Mexican-looking” citizens on the street and asking for identification. 750 agents targeted agricultural areas with a goal of 1000 apprehensions a day. By the end of July, over 50,000 aliens were caught in the two states. Around 488,000 people fled the country for fear of being apprehended. By September, 80,000 had been taken into custody in Texas, and the INS estimates that 500,000-700,000 people had left Texas voluntarily. To discourage re-entry, buses and trains took many people deep within Mexico before being set free. Tens of thousands more were put aboard two hired ships, the Emancipation and the Mercurio. The ships ferried them from Port Isabel, Texas, to Veracruz, Mexico, more than 500 miles (800 kilometers) south.

    Operation Wetback deported approximately 80,000 Mexican nationals in the space of almost a year, although local INS officials claimed that an additional 500,000-700,000 had fled to Mexico before the campaign began. The INS estimates rested on the claim that most undocumented people, fearing apprehension by the government, had voluntarily repatriated themselves before and during the operation. This practice incited and angered many U.S. citizens who were of Mexican American descent. Opponents in both the United States and Mexico complained of “police-state” methods, and Operation Wetback was abandoned.

  196. The degreaser Says:

    DOSE, OUTSTANDING POST. WTF is up nowdays? Our leaders are wimps. We NEED another good’ol boy president. The worthless cocksuckers in office now are sackless braindead fucks. Matter of fact, we will be the ones fucked by the time this shit is finished. PLEASE BRING BACK OPERATION WETBACK! I will give at the office, the stores & antother place where a white person is taking donations ( I SHIT YOU NOT)!. GOD DAMN LIBERALS are going to fuck this country up to the point where we won’t be able to un-fuck it.

  197. An Israelite Says:

    This is so funny!
    From Wikipedia

    “After Mexico gained independence from the Spanish Empire at the end of its War of Independence in 1821, the Mexican Empire inherited the provinces of Alta California, Nuevo México, and Texas, from Spain. Weakened and virtually bankrupt from the war, the new government found it difficult to govern its northern territories, which were thousands of miles from Mexico City, the capital.

    Seeking to better control the border region of Texas, which had few settlers, the Mexican government permitted a few hundred U.S. families to settle the area. This, however, led to settlement of Texas on a scale unanticipated by the Mexican government, as its inability to control the border allowed thousands more Americans to settle than had been agreed upon. English-speaking settlers quickly formed a majority in Texas.”

    And than you bastards stole their land…they are just repaying your evil asses! Isn’t that FUNNY! I sure am cracking up!

  198. A Dose Of Reality Says:

    Well fuck you, you damned Jew. It’s your kind who have started or been the cause of most of the wars in the world since time began. You’re cracking up? Well up your crack as far as I’m concerned. Fucking Jew.

  199. The degreaser Says:

    WTF is that farty smell here? No Wait, its a puddle of runny shit I smell. I can actually make out the outline of the pundgent odor. Yes, I’m sure of it.. it’s AN ISRALITE. SHIT BOY, we are CALIFORNIA now ( not Alta California, or any other kind of crazy shithouse rat’s like you or you kind think). You should check out “The Dogwhisper”. Two track mind’s like yours ( and dog’s) live in the now. You might want to give it a try because what happened year’s ago is exactly that ( I don’t expect you or your kind to understand what I’m saying here), years ago. Since then you & your kind have down-breeded into a simple mud-race that can only do one thing.. stand with your hand’s out while doing NOTHING! I used to call you fuck-up’s the BROWN STAIN. I have changed my mind.. Now I call you NO-GOOD FUCK-UP’S are you ready……..your new name is…. ” THE DO-CRAP’S”. Thats right, the “DO-CRAP’S”. WHY, you ask? Because you people DO CRAP ON EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE, EVERYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE & EVERYTHING WE HAVE THAT YOU NO GOOD COCK SUCKERS ARE TRYING TO FUCK US OUT OF! So anyways, if you have enough bark on your pissy-ass little hide to come back here & read this, then it is I who is cracking up. And by the way, get your nose out of the dog shit staind carpet and get your facts up to date, pull your head all the way out & try to give us a REAL argument why we should should take it in the ass ( pay tax’s, put up with, change our way of life,shit up our neighborhoods etc.etc.etc) & then I wiil listen to a little queef like you. BTW we don’t give a shit. YOU KNOW it’s no good cocksuckers like you (besides the DO-CRAPS) who are fucking up our country. Why don’t you just go out & find an empty field & BLOW YOUR BRAIN’S OUT!?!!?? Us normal folk are sick & fuck’in tired of worthless little gob’s of flem like you! You have NO reason of even being on this planet. So kill your parent’s, your sibling’s & yourself (& make sure you get your whole head in front of the shotgun)!

  200. The degreaser Says:

    Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa is calling illegal immagration a “SLOW MOTION TERRORIST ATTACK”! I agree. NOW the gay liberal cocksuckers in San Francisco are going to give the Do-Craps I.D. cards, thats just fuckin great. We are not only at war with Iraq, we are at war w/mexico. If an illegal shits out a kid on our soil it should NOT BE AN AMERICAN. CNN’S Lou Dobbs is criticized for a book he wrote ” State of Siege” in which he describes the Do-Crap immigration as a mortal cultural threat. I’ve said it before = WHITE PEOPLE WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

  201. A Dose Of Reality Says:

    YEAH! Imus is back! Now besides the nappy headed hos..he needs to take on the shit-smelling armpit that has invaded America…wetbacks!

    degreaser, it’s not that white people haven’t awaken, but the liberal media has kept out of the forefront, the invasion of the brown stain. The government for some fucking reason wants them here. For once repubs and dems agree..what in the fuck gives? I know somewhere it all boils down to money..but they don’t have to see their neighborhoods go down..or have their daughters looked up and down by the slime.

    I know cops who are so against the wetbacks..but they are pressured to let them go. What the fuck?

    I have the goddamn freeloading lawbreaking, wifebeating, no good, taco bending, beaners with no intelligence. My name, Jose Jimenez..portrays them perfectly..stupid and incoherent when it comes to our ways.


  202. A Dose Of Reality Says:

    hey degreaser, Can you tell me how you can donate to the needy this Christmas and not have it all go to wetback children? our Barnes and Noble is making them their cause this year. Sorry little white’ll do without! We have to be nice to the brown stain children who have all the rights you do just because their slut of a mom shit them out on our soil. maybe next year! Maybe the wetback little shits will let you look at THEIR books!

  203. The degreaser Says:

    DOSE, like you people around here WANT this time of year. Well guess what……. NOT A FUCKING DIME. There is NO WAY I’m gonna give one cent to any fuckin wetbacks, NOT ONE. Yeah your right, the poor white kids gotta lose out because of the do-craps. KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL, KILL A MEXICAN!

  204. The degreaser Says:

    Read a paper or watch the news. The foodbanks in central Ca. do not have enough food or toys for the WORKING CLASS. Thats right, the people who work can’t provide for their own BUT the brown stain ( you know, the fuckers who have NO right to be here) are not going w/out. This shit makes me sick. THEIR government won’t take care of them but OUR’S takes OUR $’s away from us so we have to. BTW.. what ever happened to norma? I could use a blow job.

  205. A Dose Of Reality Says:

    Hey degreaser. I just received this in my email. Will the USA citizens wake up to the extent they need time?


    This is the most interesting thing I’ve read in a long time. The sad thing about it, you can see it coming.

    I have always heard about this democracy countdown. It is interesting to see it in print. God help us, not that we deserve it.

    How Long Do We Have?

    About the time our original thirteen states adopted their new constitution in 1787, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years earlier:

    ‘A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.’

    ‘A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.’

    ‘From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.’

    ‘The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years’

    ‘During those 200 years, those

    nations always progressed through the following sequence:

    1. >From bondage to spiritual faith;

    2. >From spiritual faith to great courage;

    3. >From courage to liberty;

    4. >From liberty to abundance;

    5. >From abundance to complacency;

    6. >From complacency to apathy;

    7. >From apathy to dependence;

    8. >From dependence back into bondage’

    Professor Joseph Olson of Hemline University School of Law, S t. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the 2000 Presidential election:

    Number of States won by:
    Gore: 19
    Bush: 29

    Square miles of land won by:
    Gore: 580,000
    Bush: 2,427,000

    Population of counties won by:
    Gore: 127 million
    Bush: 143 million

    Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:
    Gore: 13.2
    Bush: 2.1

    Professor Olson adds: ‘In aggregate, the map of the territory Bush won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of this great country.
    Gore’s territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off various forms of government welfare…’ Olson believes the United State s is now somewhere between the ‘complacency and apathy’ phase of Professor Tyler’s definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation’s population already having reached the ‘governmental dependency’ phase.

    If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegal and they vote, then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years.

    If you are in favor of this then delete this message if you are not then Pass this along to help everyone realize just how much is at stake, knowing that apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom.”

  206. el santo Says:

    you mothers , hispanic is white , black, indian, and asian , we are not a race but an ethnic group, we are the world and the future. we will prolong.

  207. el santo Says:

    viva Espana y Latina America. assholes. the Empire will rule.

  208. el santo Says:

    Espana vive Italia vive, Portugal vive, Mexico vive, Latino America vive, we are the Majority. Its not a race issue its an ethnic group. we are all over despite race… watch out.

  209. A Dose Of Reality Says:

    You fucking wetbacks will get yours yet. White America will get sick of the government muddying up our view and the brown stain will be booted back to your own slimy country. You wait and see.

  210. Stop whining mexican Says:

    Well Lets explain something to you idiot Mexicans. I am Hispanic and I hate Mexicans. They are envious of pretty much anyone and they always criticize.

    This isn’t a matter of being RACIST..its a matter of them coming over here and by doing so breaking the law of the US. people always wanna say “they only come over here to provide for their family” BAH!!,

    They get Food Stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, Housing, all the while they pay 0$ in Taxes and dont even spend the money in the US economy they send it back to MExico.

    On Top of that they always have 4 or 5 kids so they can get more assistance. When I see one at the store with 4 kids paying with food stamps I usually tell them to stop having babies if they cant take care of them. Sometimes they give me a blank stare because they dont even understand english.

    Botom line no one likes Mexicans but themselves. there should be a law that states if they want citizenship they have to join the Army and go to war to prove loyalty….and if they want food stamps they have to get their tubes tied to prevent them from having other children that will become nothing in society.

  211. Cecil Says:

    My big complaint is with all these illegal squatters spitting out kids like crazy. See a mexican woman she is usually towing a little one, pushing one in a stroller, and one in the oven. JEEEEZUS H KEEERIST, these frigging illiterate wetbacks are fucking us out of our schools, hospitals, and neighborhoods. I never seen anything like it. They get pregant just thinking about getting hosed. Everywhere I look it looks like freaking Tijuana. I don’t even recognize America anymore. I see neighborhood schools with more wetback kids than people who were born here. WHAT THE HELL is going on here and nobody doing a damn thing about it. In a few years this will be just an extension of corrupt mexico, drug runners, drug gangs, illiterate 5 ft beaners standing on every corner ready to stick you up. AND NOBODY DOING A THING ABOUT IT. Well let me tell you that there WILL be a day of reckoning.

  212. Cecil Says:

    Yo, el santo–I got news–latinos and Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards are Europeans. You “Latinos” are mostly Indians–left overs from Mayans, Incas, Aztecs etc. Get it? Ever wonder why most illegals look like Indians? That’s because THEY ARE INDIANS you ignoramus.

  213. Omar Medina Says:

    Well, I am Mexican living in USA for 17 years. I do HAVE a MBA in Global Business Management. I am the Regional VP of a Development and Acquisition company. I am proud to say that I own a chain of fitness centers in my country. I own a personal real estate investment portfolio in USA and Mexico. I speak three languages; Mexican, English and Italian. I am a bodybuilder and chopper. I own one of the most expensive motorcycles models in the Harley Davidson market.

    And guess what??? I barely received my resident card. I achieved all these by being an illegal immigrant. So, I invite to use a little bit of reasoning and stop labeling people as a whole. Everyone is different.

  214. A dose of reality Says:

    Hey Omar,

    Mexican is not a language you dipshit. I’ll believe all of your accomplishments when I see evidence of your intelligence which from this post…is hard to believe you have any.
    So…how many slimy little brown stains has your wife shit out at the American public’s expense since being in our fine country? I swear..all of your women are whores and all they have to do is spread their legs and they’re pregnant. All of you disgusting, pathetic subhumans need to go home so my hard earned benefits will be there when I’m ready to retire. you all think your country is so great..go home!!!!! But you won’t because…MEXICO SUCKS!!!!!!!! IT IS A SHITHOLE IN THE DESERT!!!! and the day is coming when your asses will be drop kicked out of our country! The American population is getting fed up with you stinking, slimy bastards!!!!!! Comprende Mama Mahachi?? LMAO!

  215. Omar Medina Says:

    To A dose of Reality….Hi…well….I am in my country,…earning pesos and USA dollars. Why? Because of my hard work…I am opening new offices here in Mexico where educated and nice American people are willing to invest in this shithole desert as you call it. Many foreign investements are coming to Mexico rather than U.S.A…ask yourself why. I guess you are satisfied with your expected 600.00 retirement check… by the way…my wife is the CFO of a Electronic Transformers company…I guess this is too much for you to swallow…if you need a job let me know…I am guessing you are a red neck working in a blue collar job…right?

  216. Omar Medina Says:

    Obama as President!!!!

  217. A dose of reality Says:

    Omar, You are wrong, as usual. I am an American business owner. A franchisee to be exact. My company doesn’t take just anyone so you’re wrong on the blue collar thing. I doubt very much that you have the credentials you say you have or your brat shitting wife either for that matter.

    I’m sick of you people overrunning our country like the majority of America and depleting our social security before I get there. If your country is so great, why don’t YOU give YOUR people jobs and get them out of here? Why does YOUR government encourage them to come HERE if you have so much to offer there? The reason companies relocate to Mexihole is because of cheap labor. Your people know what they are worth. The only ones who make big money are the drug smugglers. Like the ones who just killed the border agent by running him down intentionally. Funny how things like that die in the media. Crime is rampant because of well as disease. You people stink, have no regard for law..and should just stay in your hell hole of a third world country.

    What we need is a revival of Operation Wetback instituted by Pres. Eisenhower. Look it up Omar..your people ran like mice back to their hell hole south of the border. LMAO Your day of reckoning will come again soon. America will rise against the absurdity that our politicians are subjecting us to. Mark my words.

  218. Omar Medina Says:

    To Dose of Reality…Sir or madam…congratulations on being a business owner. My sincere apologies for my perception. I am Mexican and in many ways I agree with you. There are many things that need to be fixed in my country…and it will take a lifetime to stop the thieves that run the Mexican government. I do have the credentials I mentioned…I considered myself an educated person. And you are right….U.S.A is a great country with many opportunities…I took the oportunities…and I do provide a benefit to the American society. Again…my apologies…

  219. Europeans Real White Says:

    Fucking americans…pieces of shit…a friend of mine who is Latino told me about this site…you people are so fucking nuts…thinking that you are all mighty….fucking nutheads…you are a mixed salad as well…you are not even a pure white race…assholes…you are a bunch of perverts, drug addicts. Everybody in Europe hates you motherfuckers…you think you are the greatest nation…study a little bit motherfuckers…you economy is based in foreign investments…and guess what…some of the money is coming from mexico idiots…you think you are the best military…you needed the assistance from different countries to beat a small country like Irak…fucking bullies…fuck you americans

  220. Europeans Real White Says:


  221. Europeans Real White Says:

    I kept reading all your bullshit…you Motherfuckers are unbelievable…I feel sorry for you…really…for how long have you been brain washed thinking that you are the big shot…you are the biggest shit in this world. You are fucking pathetic…and guess what assholes…I do not work…your fucking government feed me motherfuckers…so, please…move your asses faster because I need more $$$$. I hate you bastards and I am going to enjoy all the benefits…so move your lazy ass and work harder. Omar…you are as pathetic as those bastards are…you think that because you have a degree you are better than other Mexicans? FUCK YOU on behaf of my friend…you fit well in this fucking society motherfucker. So…you too…get more investments and pay your fucking taxes so I can get my money….you fucking kiss ass. I am sure you bent over to get the position you had.

  222. A dose of reality Says:

    Hey European, what country are you from so we can come nuke your asses? Get the hell off of our board. You slimy wetback friend must hate Mexicans too or he wouldn’t be googling Why I hate Mexicans..LMAO!

    Get your own site, brown slime, and take your whiter than white European with you. Have a good day!

  223. Europeans Real White Says:

    To Dose of Reality: What motherfucker? do you want to nuke my country and say…”And God Bless America”….fucking narcisists…Fucking Nazi!!! Instead of wasting your time writing here drag your sorry white ass to work motherfucker because you need to feed a lot of people…us who are enjoying the spoils…you see…you do not need a war to screw a government. Just go live in it and by it. VENI VIDI VICI motherfucker

  224. Europeans Real White Says:

    To Dose of Reality: By the way you iliterate bastard…it is “YOUR FRIEND”…no YOU FRIEND….go to school…check your pathetic comments…and I am ENGLISH!!!! From England…you know? you fucking excrement!!! The Real White.

  225. A dose of reality Says:

    Hey European, It’s NOT YOUR FRIEND not, NO YOU FRIEND. LMAO..messed up yourself while correcting me..dumb motherfucker! Who’s illiterate, ignorant Limey? Now I see why we fought your asses to get away from YOUR ruling! LMAO! Why don’t you have another cup of tea while you sit and diddle yourself! 🙂 Oh..and have a nice day!

  226. cecil Says:

    Yo European, I think you full of sheet. You talk to much like some spic from an LA barrios. So if you are from England you must still be pissed off about 1787 and 1812? Anyway, we write England off because the Muslims will out populate you bleeding hearts soon, and whatever of you are left over–we will be watching you get your heads sawed off on video. England, the Netherlands, Spain, France–all doomed. Germany may survive only because there remains a stiff resolve to keep the mud peoples out–some sort of nation saving remnant ideology from 1939.
    But, if as I suspect, you are just some barrios maggot, then do me a favor and cut your balls off–we need to stem the brown tide.

  227. European Real White Says:

    YO EUROPEAN????? hahahahaha…and you are calling me a barrio maggot, motherfucker…it seems that you have some nigger blood in you… my theory was right…your grandma was gang bangged by niggers and you are the sorry result…z up??? hahhahhaha…fucking nigger salad…

  228. European Real White Says:

    You Cecil dumbass…it is YOU TALK TOO MUCH….hahahahaha…you cannot even write whitetrash…or whatever you are motherfucker. And also, it is I THINK YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT…hahahaha not I think you full of sheet….hahahahahaha…am I a notebook to be full of sheet? hahahahahaha…fucking bastard…motherfucker American…you are as stupid as your fucking President is….dumbasses…hahahahahaha….LMAO….oh God…hahahahahahahha…you made my day bastard….thank you!!!!!!

  229. cecil Says:

    AHA. I thought so– a brain dead juvenile delinquent. You are too obvious, punk.


  230. European Real White Says:

    Cecil motherfucker…did I get you with your poor English? My Latino friend know more English than you do motherfucker piece of American shit. do not you know that sometime words are written differently from the way they sound? or is this too much for you to assimilate? too much TV? you fucking couch potatoe…hahahahahaha….you guys are something else…you critize foreing people because he or she cannot speak English, but you do not even know your language…that is pityful…next time you start critizing someone look yourself at the mirror and ask yourself why you are so fucked up!!! You fucking dead american brain…what? too much beer? hahahahahaha…that is your fucking culture…football, beer and potatoes…and healthy McDonald’s breakfast….hahahahaha…pityful dumbass…hahahahahahha…oh Lord…this is good…believe me…I have never laughed so much in my entire life…by the way…next time you motherfuckers go to war…ask yourself why your sorryass president calls England for support….hahahahaha…asshole….almighty country my ass…fucking bullies…

  231. White Freemason Says:

    Since the beginning of humankind, it has been proven that white race has been the most developed beings on earth teaching other races or tribes to build and create hunting weapons.

    I have been reading this site for a while and I have remained silence, but now I consider it is time for me to express my opinion.

    It is our duty to keep our heritage, our blood. I against the decision of welcoming to anyone to this country. Our heritage has been violated. Our blood has been mixed. We need to stop this outrageous actions. Our government will do nothing but to see for themselves. It is our duty as citizens of this great nation to stand up and demand our government to create a coalition. I invite all to join our efforts and get rid of the plague that this country is suffering. White race will remained the predominant race on earth whether people like it or not.

    Let’s keep in touch…let’s create another meaning of communication so we can plan something. I am a person who does not say much, but I go where the action is. Do not write your complaints…do not release your frustration anymore in this site…let’s do something. Let’s show latinos, asians, europeans, middle easterns, etc who are the white leaders. Are you with me?

  232. European Real White Says:

    Hey White FreeMason…where is Hitler? you fucking Nazi

  233. Southern Rebel Says:

    What makes us hate?
    1. Spanish being spoken in an ENGLISH dominated region.
    2. Flying of another countries flag in AMERICA.
    3. How many AMERICAN flags are on display in mexico?
    4. How many AMERICAN flags are on display in africa?
    5. So why do I have see that shit here? If these areas of the world are so much better, you are so proud, then GO BACK….

    WE SPEAK ENGLISH, NOT SPANISH, AND NOT NIGGER SLANG, ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  234. White Freemason Says:

    I support segregation…I support any politician who wants to separate class and taces. I hate to have Mexican loud music players, nigger gangs hanging around in the white neighborhoods. One of the major mistakes Clinton made was to sign the Section 42 Tax Credit Program for housing. It allows Mexicans, niggers, asian, etc to live in nice areas paying very low rent. These individuals are not ready to live in nice areas…government wants to offer low income people a decent housing in nice areas where rent or mortgages are high. Our neighborhoods will suffer…our kids will be exposed to gang members and their weird looks. We need to do something about it…our goverment does not want to add these issues on the agenda for the politics race.
    And European…if it is needed to create another party like Nazis in order to get rid of these people…so be it. Let’s do it.

  235. European Real White Says:

    hey you fucking Freemason nazi…fuck you!!! People deserve to live in a decent place…you fucking Hitler. White supremacy is bullshit…I am sure you are a welfare white trash…if you love so much your fucking country why do not you go to war? or send your kids to war? motherfucker chickenshit…you just sit on the fucking movies…and give an opinion…I was at the desert storm motherfucker because your chicken shit president at that time called the for help. I am a retired Royal Marine motherfucker…that is why I get money from you suckers…I wish someday you have the opportunity to feel the warm body of a 2 years old boy bleeding in your hands while you cry for help motherfucker nazi. You have no idea what you are talking about piece of shit. You deserved the 911 event motherfuckers!!! and hopefully it will happen again!!!

  236. European Real White Says:

    Is this your all fucking almighty country? That is why you called us, fuckers!!!

    WASHINGTON – The U.S. military isn’t ready for a catastrophic attack on the country, and National Guard forces don’t have the equipment or training they need for the job, according to a report.


    Even fewer Army National Guard units are combat-ready today than were nearly a year ago when the Commission on the National Guard and Reserves determined that 88 percent of the units were not prepared for the fight, the panel says in a new report released Thursday

  237. Mexicans..clean up or take the insults Says:

    I have to say that it is sad but VERY TRUE!!!!I really am exhausted with what is happening in the world today…especially with the Mexicans!!First of all illegal or not they all seem to be very much alike in terms of socioeconomic status..even the very few that I have come into contact with that actually contributed to society at large were by all means mexican.They are loud…rude …offensive…most of them that I have met..( I have met more than I would like being in southern California most of my life)are very ignorant of the fact that others live around them…also I have noticed that the women are always knocked up by the age of 17 and usually have over 4 children…that can’t be good for the future of like cockroaches they eat our surplus ,they live in our homes..they multiply much faster than anything I have ever encountered, and they usually have the most disgusting hygiene on the block..and MOST OF ALL WE CAN’T SEEM TO GET RID OF THEM..AND FOR ALL THE MEXI’S READING THIS…YOU ARE:DEL CUCARACHA-(in English :OF THE COCKROACH)

  238. cecil Says:

    Yo Mexicans … clean up>>

    You got that right–they breed like rabbits. Every beaner moma has one in tow, one in a stroller, and one in the oven, and then some. Never seen anything like it–they be MORE abundant than cockroaches. We have GOT to get these critters back across the border.

  239. God pWns j00 Says:

    God will smite you all. Whites and Mexicans alike. Judgement day is coming and your souls will be damned… You have commited hate against your fellow man.

    Matthew 5:43-48
    43 You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’
    44 But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,
    45 that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.
    46 If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?
    47 And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?
    48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

  240. Mexican's really are digusting Says:

    I think it is funny that mexican’s believe the they were here first!!Ok first of all.. the indigenous people of America were native Americans not the mexicans!!The mexicans are descendants of the interactions between spanish conquistadors and the pillaging of the natives in the area we now call Mexico.They never occupied all of America!!!Anyhow America back then was just land…the America that the wetbacks and beaners want to infest and multiply in is a place of financial contentedness,a place that has a surplus of goods a place that was built by true Americans.You wetters have a country ,the place in which you occupy was yours to either build and succeed or trample and spit on.I am sorry to say but you want to come here and say you belong here but what have you or your ancestors done to invest or add to the success of this country.We Americans are upset with you for a reason.This country is important to us ,our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents fought and died for this country,they sweat and bled to build this country,they used tere minds to create a better place in this country…some were presidents,some were slaves,some fought to become citizens and EARNED it!!!You Mexicans seem to think that you belong here because your country is attached geologically…but the sad truth is that you have done nothing but create problems for us and even the government.Your people have shown a despicable distaste for all things American…why do you want to be here if you hate it so want the opportunities yet you bash the people who made it possible to achieve them!!!By the way…why do the mexicans that live in America still seem to be so loud ,dirty,foul,and just all around disgusting????

  241. Spic Hater Says:

    All of you mexicans that are on here please get off the computer right now and tell all your beaner friends to please take a bath/shower at least once a month so when us law abiding LEGAL white people walk by you in the store it doesn’t make us want to puke because you stink so bad, there is nothing that stinks worse than a sweaty mexican. If anyone out there does not believe me go sit in a wetbacks car I promise it will knock you out.


    lol…..OMG!..that was a good long laugh…reading here comments from ..all these retarded racist HATERS…lol…..let me say something to all those is a list of all the wonderful things i LOVE about america:

    1. their slutty 25 cent whores..=)

    2. Gotta love their educational programs (JERRY SPRINGER)

    3. Their weed supply..(gotta love them crack heads)..

    4. MYSPACE!…

    5. Their good ass porn..

    6. Thank god for white bums…there are no cans outside my street..=)

    7. Disneyland =)

    and…..O dang i cant think of any more at the moment but I know there are some more……………………………………………… somewhere…=)
    tell you later…adios amigo…=)

    you all just have to get use to sucking our PITOS FOREVER! hahahahahaha


    even though you all are talking shit bout us latinos…=(…i sitll love your good ass cock sucking..white ppl…..mmmmmmm u make me cum…=)

  244. cecil Says:

    Yeah it’s no wonder you beaners like white women because your typical beaner girl is built like an ant who grows to have a body looking like a pinched in half balloon. BWA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Must be all those supreme burritos.
    Anyway get the hell out of my country–you illiterate dummies are bringing down the average education scores. Me OYEN? QUE VAYA PATRAS A SU PROPIO PAIS LOS PERDIDOS TONTOS! OYEN LOS GRAN SEROTES. LOS PITOS CON OREJAS AFUERA DE MI PAIS!!!!!!!!!!!


    hahahahaha tu pais.?…ay mami ..falta de educasion…i only said the truth about u…te dolio verdad?..truth hurts…see..u can call us WHATEVER THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK u want..we dont care…truth is we aint leaving…BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!…

    u just mad cus i probably fucked ur mami last nite…lol…dont worry’ll get ur turn…a LINIA MA’……NEXXXXTTTTT!…

    mmmmmmm ..i love my burritos…i know u love mine too…

  246. jimbo Says:

    ¡Por qué usted ninguno inglés que habla a personas puede permanecer de wich inglés de sitios, ofrece el mismo sitio en español? !!!!!

  247. jimbo Says:

    Translation of question:
    Why cant you none english speaking people stay off english sites wich,offer the same site in spanish?!!!!!


    uhhhh…because we are bilingual..=]
    there is no none English speaking people here…everyone knows whats going on…otherwise they would really be waisting their

  249. Funny Stuff Says:

    That was funny. It is true mexican woman are cute when they are young, BUTT DAMN!!! Once they start spitting out all those anchor baby’s, they start looking like short fat pears that have been left to rott. You see, that’s why you can’t drink the water in mexico, the women stink it up!

  250. Abe Says:

    I hate them with a passion!!!!


    hahahaha …YO!… “funny stuff”… you seriously say some funny stuff…2bad the good looking mexican women will NEVER wanna talk to someone as “funny” as you….=D…or as far as it goes…any kind of women…=P..but thats just you man…keep the comedy coming chico!…=)

  252. Protector Says:

    I used to be so diplomatic. Now I see what our government is doing. Actually I’ve known for awhile now. We like our “Niggers”. Our governments (state and fed.) are allowing people to come in illegally so that the corporate rich bastards can have their slaves. Then it also forces the legal workers into a Serf class. Fuck them. I quit my job. Fuck the corporate bastards and where’s my damn solar car?! Anyway I bought some learn Spanish CD’s and I will educate all the Mexi’s around me, legal and illegal, Mexican born and United States born (not AMERICAN, UNITED STATESIAN, OK??!!) about what is going to fly for me personally before Anarchy insues or the imminent Civil war. If I beat your ass to get my land then too bad. If I killed your ancestors and won, don’t bitch about it later. If you don’t like the Mexi’s invading then, fight back. BTW, flying another flag over the Stars and Stripes is an act of war. Did you know that? ACT OF WAR! Get your weapons, read your Declaration of Independance and U.S. Constitution and stand behind the original idea before you decide to do anything. And remember, the reason you have the right to bear arms (and that includes tanks, REAL Hummers, and nukes baby) is to overthrow the government if it becomes too tyrannical. So, keep our heads in check and make them do what is right. Don’t let them confuse you by making you hate Mexicans. Nice distraction. It’s working. you’re all dumshits if you don’t get this. It’s the man, man…the MAN! (AKA: SATAN’s LEGION! HAHAHAHA!) BTW using Spanish doesn’t mean I’m not going to put it in my desktop translator and know what you’re saying anyway. Nice trick, huh? Puntas! Pussies. Put up or shut up. And also, Mexican dudes marry all of our barfly worthless trailer trash, so they can continue to pull funds for being “disabled” alcoholics and have ADHD “disabled” kids that they, in turn, pull SSI income off of just like the Blacks do too. The whites, blacks and spics all do it. I’ve never seen any oriental peeps doing it but I’m sure they’ll make sure the trashiest of their peeps get over here to suck our system too. There is crappy people everywhere and criminals are criminals where ever they roam so, NO AMNESTY! INSIST! The majority approves it! What is wrong with you people??!! It is allowing the rich to have their slaves! Unionize!!!! Vote! Protest! Suffraget!!!

  253. Brian Barrick Says:

    WE have had a belly full of mexican bullshit, and in your fucking babble
    NO Mas !!! go back to where you came from

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    i will start to like mexicans once the mexican bitch stops having 20 fucking kids each all crammed in a 500 sq ft apartment making my life hell with constant sound of babies crying, shitty mexican tuba music, and frying onions in lard

    then their 12 other children are of course unsupervised cuz of course it is impossible to supervise that many, so they run up and down the hallways screaming and ouside your window etc because they cannot even fit in the house, i dont know how they sleep but i think its like rats with no beds they just lie all over each other in a mess of b.o.

    i had the misfortune of living underneath them and having to listen to their their stupid fucking kids run around and pound on the floor all day every day then of course my apartment was invaded by a plague of rats and cockroaches coming down from upstairs thru a crack near the furnace vent

    i used to work as a painter in l.a. and i would have to move the furniture and every single mexican apartment was fucking infested, so fucking nasty not to mention the smell

    the only reason i can see that a mexican bitch has to have 20 babies is so she ca collect more welfare but more importantly take over the U.S. with the huge numbers of fucking beaner clones. like there are not enough people in the world already. meanwhile they are too stupid to realize that thenm overpopulating eventually ruins everwhere they go. they already ruin mexico this way, soon the u.s. then it will be canada, they are just like a fucking plague

    mandatory fucking birth control has never been so needed

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